Hardwood Installation Method for Different Subfloors

hardwood floors in entry way
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Installing hardwood flooring in your home will enhance its interior by providing a unique style that is durable and long-lasting. When deciding to switch to hardwood, you’ll need to consider what to put under hardwood flooring. At District Floor Depot, our flooring experts are ready to ensure your floor lasts by installing the best subfloor for your space.

Subflooring is the most effective way to enhance your flooring’s durability because it provides a stable and level surface for installation.

Benefits of Installing a Subfloor

After deciding on the style of your new floor, the next step is to pick the best underlayment for your hardwood floors. Installing a subfloor for hardwood floors has many benefits, including:

  • Additional cushioning
  • Moisture barrier
  • Sound reduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Stability

Moisture, especially humidity under your hardwood flooring, can cause irreparable damage. A durable subfloor will keep your hardwood moisture-free by laying a foundation to protect your new flooring. Without a stable subfloor, you’ll require a complete floor replacement before your floor meets its life expectancy.

Subfloor Material Options

District Floor Depot offers the two best subfloor material options for long-lasting hardwood flooring — concrete and plywood. The material you choose for your subfloor can change the installation process, but both options provide a durable subfloor to protect your new flooring. The two material options include:

Concrete Subfloor

Laying new flooring over concrete is common to basements or single story homes.

Using concrete for your subfloor gives installers options when securing the hardwood to the concrete. Once you decide to install a concrete subfloor, consulting a District Floor Depot expert to review specific installation requirements for the best flooring to install over concrete.

Plywood Subfloor

Plywood is a cost-efficient subfloor material for supporting a durable and robust flooring system.

Unlike with concrete, you’ll need time to prepare plywood for installation by letting it adapt to the new environment’s moisture levels. Once the plywood is ready for installation, our flooring experts will space each panel to accommodate potential swelling and secure the subfloor with flooring joints to prevent deterioration over time.

Let Us Help

At District Floor Depot, we know that picking a new floor is an exciting experience that requires you to make important installation decisions. Let’s discuss the best subfloor option for you during a hands-on consultation. Contact us to speak to a flooring expert today!

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