Details of Hardwood Floor Installation

hardwood flooring installation
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It’s easy to get lost in the decision-making process for your new hardwood floors. As exciting as it is to start picking the floor’s color and style, it’s just as important to consider the smaller details. At District Floor Depot, we provide expert hardwood floor installs to fit your needs. We’ll take you through the often forgotten considerations before installing new flooring in your home.

Before booking your installation, review the following decisions that may change how your hardwood floors are installed:

1. Transition Strips

If your new flooring borders a room with a different style, you may need transition strips. Transition strips are aesthetic and functional planks that connect separate flooring styles. Whether your neighboring rooms have carpet, tile or different hardwood, consider a clean transition between the two spaces.

2. Baseboards

Do your baseboards compliment your new flooring? One important hardwood floor installation consideration is whether you want to remove or replace your baseboards. These wall bases cover the perimeter of your floor with a visually appealing design. If you’re revamping your flooring, the old baseboards may not be appropriate anymore.

At District Floor Depot, we offer baseboard removal or replacement with complementary styles. A quarter round is an excellent wall base that can match your floor’s color and style without requiring much additional labor. Line your perimeter with a baseboard you like just as much as your new floors!

3. Existing Issues

Before installing new flooring, it’s best to let us know if you’ve had any structural concerns in the past. From a small squeaky spot to widespread water damage, problem areas should be eliminated to prevent future issues. Our installation team will identify any need for changes to the subfloor or joists so you can enjoy your new flooring to the fullest.

hardwood flooring installation

4. Underlayment

Underlayment refers to any material you place below your new flooring. Underlayment can provide additional cushioning, soundproofing and thermal insulation, depending on your needs. After setting the material on the subfloor, the hardwood floors are installed above the underlayment.

At District Floor Depot, we carry some of the best underlayment options for hardwood floors. Enjoy better acoustic levels, more comfortable steps and temperature regulation with this small but vital detail.

Trust District Floor Depot to Handle the Details

We know there’s a lot to consider before installing new flooring, especially when you want hardwood. That’s why our design consultants are committed to your results. We break down the process and bring the shopping experience to your home so you can evaluate every detail. Learn more about the decisions you need to make before your new floors arrive when you request a consultation with our specialists!

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