Patriot Plank Hardwood Flooring

Available Exclusively at District Floor Depot
The American Hardwood Forests are home to a variety of species known for their durability, beauty, and character. In fact, a source of high-quality timber was a key motivator for early American exploration. Widespread deforestation in Europe by the 15th century caused colonial powers to seek out new sources across the ocean.

A Variety of Hardwood Styles for Every Home

American forests are home to a variety of species, each with their own natural colors, grains, and textures. From the warm reds of Cherry Oak to the depth of textures in Chestnut Pine, this product line has a wide variety of styles to compliment any room’s aesthetic. Take a look at our products; you’re sure to find one that’s the perfect fit for your home!
Responsibly Sourced Hardwood Flooring
Patriot Plank is a product line available exclusively at District Floor Depot. We partner with mills in the US to give our customers a variety of American species like Oak, Hickory, Pine, and more. Each of these woods has distinct color and character capable of contributing its beauty into any design. Because hardwood is a product of nature, each plank has its own character. Combined, they create a mosaic of natural, beautiful wood that captures the enduring personality of America’s forests and everything they represent. Patriot Plank makes a wonderful addition to any home, no matter the style.
Patriot Plank 2

Beautiful Hardwoods From America's Majestic Forests

Today, America’s hardwoods are still a popular choice in various products worldwide including flooring, and responsible sourcing has led to a 70% increase in our hardwood forests since 100 years ago. Our forests give us a source of some of the most beautiful flooring products right here in the US. And by supporting the continuation of sustainable practices in the timber industry, we can continue to enjoy them indefinitely.
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If you would like to browse our selection of all-American flooring products, we invite you to visit us in our showroom. Or, you can let us bring the showroom to you with an in-home consultation. One of our associates will visit you with a wide variety of samples so you can see how each will look in your own home. Plus, they’ll take all the necessary measurements while they are there so the installation can get started as soon as possible.

Completed Patriot Plank Projects

Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. & Maryland

We love being able to enhance homes in DC with beautiful American hardwood products. But even more than that, we want our future generations to be able to enjoy them too. Not to mention; we want to preserve the forests themselves and all the wildlife within them. For this reason, District Floor Depot sources 100% of our Patriot Plank product line (as well as all our other products) from mills who commit to the preservation of our forests through sustainable industry practices. When you purchase products from us, you are putting your support behind practices that will allow our native forests to thrive.