Delivery, Shipping & Return Policy

District Floor Depot offers two types of delivery:
Type 1: Curbside / Threshold Delivery = DFD delivers ordered material up to curbside of the property no employees will be allowed to cross any threshold of the house.
Type 2: White Glove / In-Home Staging = DFD delivers ordered material to the property, take products inside the property, open boxes if necessary and stage hardwood to start acclimation process with the condition of the property.

Due to the weight and fragile nature of our products, we do not offer any kind of expedited shipping options.

LEAD TMES – All orders shipped will take an estimated 7-10 business days. All orders can ship only to the customer billing address unless otherwise approved by DFD.

DELIVERY TIMES – All delivery dates will have designated delivery window and will be communicated in advance. All delivery dates and times are estimates. We highly recommend that you do not schedule your installer until you have received your product.

DELIVERY – When your order arrives, you want to be sure the quantities match what you ordered. To guarantee customer satisfaction, please make note of the following when receiving your order:

  • Visually inspect the condition and entirety of the shipment, make sure to note missing items or damaged materials. Your invoice lists all the materials and quantities you ordered. You will need to examine the shipment and count each item to make sure everything ordered has been received.
  • Curbside / Threshold Delivery – This means that you (or someone able) must be home to take the material from the trailer to your home. The driver will only unload to the curbside and is not allowed to enter your home.
  • Once unloaded, it is recommended that you store the flooring material in the location where it is to be installed. This will serve two purposes: 1) it will allow the flooring material to acclimate and 2) it will reduce the number of times you will have to move the flooring. Boxes of flooring material can weigh as much as up to 65 lbs. depending on the product.
  • DO NOT let the driver leave until you have verified the material received is in good condition and that all material has been accounted for. Any damaged or missing items must be noted on your delivery receipt. If not noted, it increases the amount of time required to seek resolution.
  • (INITIAL) Preparation for Installation – Please ensure all rooms are clear of furniture. Additional charges will apply on the day of installation to move furniture. Our installers will not disconnect electronics. Please have all electronics disconnected and put away before installation.

CONDITIONS – Taking into consideration the many variables in shipping, we strongly recommend that you do not schedule your installer until after you have received your order in its entirety. Manufacture times, weather, supply-demand conditions and replacement shipping for damaged items are just some of the instances that may delay your order. Please schedule your install to ensure you have allocated enough time to receive your order. We cannot be held liable for failure to meet scheduled install dates due to delivery. Delivery dates are approximates, and as such, cannot be promised under any circumstance.

TRUCKLOAD ORDERS – If you are planning on purchasing over 10,000 lbs. of product (possibly 4,000 sq. ft. or over) in one order, please call our Customer Care Specialists at 888-95-FLOOR (35667). We will get a quote specifically for your order.

ORDER STAGE – You have 7 days maximum storage on any completed order. Additional time left in storage will incur $25 a day in storage fees for each day the product has not been picked up after 7 days. 

RETURN SHIPMENTS – Once an order has been loaded and is in route to the shipping address, DFD will charge all applicable shipping fees as part of the return. The customer is solely responsible for all outgoing and return shipping costs. Visit here for more information.

IN-STORE PICKUP – DFD offers in-store pickup at any of our stores. We require two items of verification to pick up an in-store purchase. You must provide your paid invoice and a picture ID before we will release the product from one of our locations. The name on the ID must match the name on the purchasing credit card. 

THIRD PARTY IN-STORE PICKUP POLICY – If you would like for your contractor or a third-party to pick up your purchase, you will need to come into the store with the same two items for verification (invoice and picture ID), at this point you can fill out the DFD Customer Storage Form, and indicate who you are allowing to pick up the merchandise. The person picking up the merchandise will need to provide a valid Government issued ID prior to DFD releasing any merchandise to this person.

District Floor Depot Storage Pick Up Terms & Conditions

COURTESY STAGE – At DFD, we understand that your new hard surface flooring and decorative fixtures can literally weigh a ton or more. We also understand that the materials extreme weight may require several trips to safely transport everything to the installation location. DFD is pleased to offer 7 days of free storage from the date of purchase. A storage fee of $25 per day after the first 7 days will be applied to any order that has not been completely picked up. Any applicable storage fees must be paid in full before materials will be released.

IN-STORE PURCHASES – Customers must present an original invoice at the time of pick up. DFD reserves the right to hold any merchandise until proper ownership can be established. To allow someone other than yourself to pick up merchandise, such as a contractor or delivery service, you must authorize DFD to release your merchandise by entering the pick-up person’s information. Anyone not on this list, regardless of possession of original receipt, wishing to obtain your merchandise must first be validated (in person) by you, the customer. The person(s) authorized to pick up materials must have a government issued photo I.D. for verification.


PRODUCT ACCURACY VERIFICATIONMAKE SURE TO INSPECT ALL MERCHANDISE AT THE TIME OF PICK UP. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect and verify the type of merchandise purchased, quantity, model number, color, dye lots for porcelain and ceramic products, and to verify all labels on wood product to ensure accuracy prior to leaving the store. Any discrepancies between the customer’s inspection and the purchased merchandise as reflected upon the sales receipt must be determined prior to leaving the premises and a manager must be notified. By signing your receipt at the time of pick up, your signature will constitute your agreement that your order has been received in FULL and that it is ACCURATE. Once you have left the premises, no exceptions will be made.

DFD reserves the right to: 1- Abort the delivery    2- Postpone the delivery   3- Proceed with delivery at approved adjustments to cost if conditions exist at the site that negatively impact the safety of our delivery personnel, the anticipated financial costs and the future conditions of the material.