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5 1/8″ All American Natural Pine

Original price was: $6.19.Current price is: $5.69. sq. ft.

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 23.3
Total Price $132.58

For flooring, we recommend adding approximately 10% to the total square foot to account for waste.

Engineered options have a 3mil veneer


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New Heart Pine: The Original Rustic

The charming knots set within the bold grain patterns of New Heart Pine graced the floors of farmhouses and sprawling, country manors before the rustic style of decorating was ever a trend. As the “original rustic,” pine is an excellent flooring material for being easy on the eyes and wallet alike. Just like its name indicates, the planks are made from the heartwood of the tree — in this case, the heartwood of the longleaf pine (a type of yellow pine occurring naturally in the Southeastern US). The heartwood of this variety is preferred for its hardness and stability, which increases the longer the tree is allowed to grow and age before milling. When a longleaf pine is over 200 years old, its heartwood is considered “old growth heart pine,” whereas heartwood harvested from a younger tree is referred to as “new heart pine.”

New Heart Pine solid wood floors can be left unstained and only rubbed with tung oil (made from the extract of tung tree seeds). Some homeowners select this treatment alone to allow the wood to develop a natural patina, bringing about a more weathered look that contributes to the floor’s allure. Although pine isn’t right for everyone, it integrates beautifully into interior decorating styles such as Victorian, farmhouse, New England cottage, all types of cozy cabins, and modern rustic.

A Natural Wood From Patriot Plank

District Floor Depot is proud to give our customers this 5 1/8″ Natural New Heart Pine made by Patriot Plank. An all-American business, Patriot Plank works with lumber mills around the country to responsibly source our nation’s wood. This brand is available only at District Floor Depot, and features sustainably produced flooring that showcases the beauty of America’s tree species.

What Are the Benefits of New Heart Pine?

  • Unlike hardwoods such as maple and oak, pine is considered a softwood. Due to this designation and the tree’s faster-growing rate, New Heart Pine often costs half what hardwood floors do.
  • This natural wood is durable and can last a lifetime or longer.
  • Because it grows so fast, pine is more environmentally friendly than many hardwoods.
  • New Heart Pine has a naturally rustic look sought in many of today’s decorating styles. It works just as well in modern farmhouse decor schemes as it does in antique settings.

Other Reasons to Choose Pine Over Hardwoods:

  • Pine flooring is available in both natural solid planks and as engineered hardwood. If your home has heated flooring systems or is subject to a lot of humidity or changing temperatures, engineered hardwood pine might be a better option.
  • Since pine is a softwood, it will acquire a collection of dings, dents, and scratches as it’s walked on and subjected to the day-to-day goings-on in the house. However, the wood will harden over time, and the imperfections often add to the floor’s charm.
  • Although pine flooring is known for its abundant knots, there are options available in which you can select fewer knots to almost none at all. Fewer knots may be ideal when you’d like your floors to portray a softer background rather than be a conversation piece.

5 1/8″ Natural New Heart Pine Installation Options

Rustic decorating styles are in, and Natural New Heart Pine is about as rustic as it gets — naturally! Contact District Floor Depot at our locations in Herndon, VA, or Washington, DC, and let us know how we can assist with your flooring installation needs.

Mill-Direct Pricing
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