Why Is Hardwood Flooring Favored Over Other Flooring Types?

family eating dinner in the kitchen with beautiful solid hardwood floors
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When considering the ideal interior finishes for their dream home, most people picture beautiful solid wood flooring throughout the house, light, dark or somewhere in between, depending on their style. There are plenty of reasons why people favor hardwood flooring over other flooring, including its visual appeal, longevity and health benefits.

The Undeniable Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Let’s examine some of the primary reasons people prefer hardwood floors.

Durability and Longevity

Two of solid hardwood flooring’s perks are its strength and durability. Because solid wood is hard-wearing, it can handle heavy foot traffic while sustaining less wear and tear than other flooring types. Homeowners can easily restore the finish on their hardwood floors at intervals, making this flooring material the ideal long-term investment.

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

Any wood finish brings elegance and timelessness to a room and adds a natural warmth to its color palette. Numerous types of wood are available in multiple shades with varying grain patterns, and hardwood flooring works well with almost any interior style.

Enhanced Home Value

According to a consumer study by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), 79% of homeowners prefer hardwood flooring and believe it adds value to the property. Many real estate agents agree, indicating that homes with hardwood floors typically sell faster. Its appeal makes it the perfect upgrade to increase your home’s value.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Choosing hardwood flooring promotes better air quality and a safer environment for your family for several reasons. When it comes to a hardwood floor vs. carpet, wood is naturally hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean, while carpet fibers gather pet dander, dust, contaminants, pollutants and mites. Thick, solid hardwood flooring keeps moisture at bay, decreasing the risk of mold and airborne mold spores.

Environmental Sustainability

Installing hardwood flooring is an eco-friendly solution, as wood is carbon-neutral, biodegradable, consumes less energy during manufacturing and comprises no chemicals or toxins. Due to its long life span and forestry regulations regarding wood sourcing, hardwood flooring offers a sustainable solution.

Let District Floor Depot Install Your Favorite Hardwood Floor

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