Safe Cleaning Products for Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring
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Vinyl floors are a great alternative to hardwood flooring. They’re more durable and easier to maintain than wooden planks but still retain the elegant appearance of traditional hardwood. Vinyl plank floors also use different cleaning methods than cleaning other types of flooring, requiring less effort and fewer products to get the job done.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Regularly cleaning your vinyl plank floors will maximize their life span and keep them looking their best.

It’s essential to clean up spills as soon as possible so your vinyl flooring stays in excellent condition. Taking care of daily maintenance can also help prolong the life of your vinyl floors. You can sweep and vacuum your floors every day to prevent dust and dirt from collecting.

While sweeping and vacuuming are great for daily maintenance, your floors will also need deep cleaning periodically. Fortunately, you don’t need any fancy equipment or products for cleaning — as long as you use products that are marked safe for vinyl flooring, you are all set. Wet cleaning will remove any hidden dirt and dust that sweeping or vacuuming didn’t pick up.

Safe Cleaning Products

Using the right cleaning products on your vinyl plank flooring will help maintain its condition. Some of the best cleaning products to use on vinyl floors include:

  • Vinegar and baking soda: If you want a simple way to get better results, you could add vinegar or baking soda to your water and cleaning solution. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar — either will give the cleaning solution an acidic quality that helps lift stains and grime.
  • Cleaners designed for vinyl flooring: There are many cleaners specifically designed for cleaning vinyl floors. You can search for one that doesn’t include any harsh chemicals or abrasives that could harm the floor.

Unsafe Cleaning Products

While there are many safe ways to clean your vinyl floor, there are also products you should avoid, including:

  • Abrasives: You don’t want to use any harsh cleansers or hard scrubbing brushes on vinyl. Using abrasives can shorten your vinyl floor’s life and cause unnecessary scratches.
  • Polishes: Vinyl plank floors shine on their own with regular maintenance. Polishes or waxes are unnecessary and can give the surface a dull finish if used over time.

Contact District Floor Depot Today to Learn More About Vinyl Flooring

Our professionals at Direct Floor Depot can help maintain your vinyl plank flooring. Contact our experts today if you have any questions about what products to use or how to clean your vinyl floors properly. We are happy to assist you!

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