Repairing Dents and Scratches in Your Hardwood Floor

Repairing dents and scratches in hardwood floors
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While hardwood is stronger than softwood flooring or laminate, these floors are still susceptible to bumps, scratches and gouges. Luckily, you can take steps to repair these minor issues to ensure your floors maintain their beautiful look for as long as possible. In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix scratches and dents in your hardwood floors, when to call a professional for assistance and ways to prevent flooring damage in the future.

Ways Hardwood Floors Can Sustain Damage

There are two primary ways you can damage the surface of your wood floors — scratches and dents. Scratches are a common occurrence on all types of floors, including hardwood flooring. This damage can range from scuffs and surface-level irregularities to deeper, more noticeable scratches and cuts. Your hardwood floors may also sustain deeper impressions that are typically caused by sustained pressure over time. For example, leaving heavy furniture in one place for a long period may cause dents in your hardwood. Dragging appliances or other objects over your floors may also gouge the surface.

How to Fix Dents and Scratches in Hardwood Floors

You have several options for removing dents in your hardwood floors. You can use abrasion with a fine steel wool pad to gently repair scratches that haven’t pierced the finish. Buffing or polishing may also help erase surface-level marks on your floors. For repairing deeper dents and scratches in hardwood floors, you can use wood putty to fill in the gouges. You can typically find these wood repair materials at your local hardware store. The most important step is to match the putty color with your floors to create a seamless look. Once you’ve found the right fit, fill the dent with putty and then let it set overnight before wiping away the excess. You can also attempt a heat-and-moisture treatment for deeper gouges in your wood floors, using a damp cotton cloth and an iron to help your flooring expand to its original shape. However, more serious damage will require professional service.

Preventing Future Damage to Your Wood Floors

Check out these simple tips to avoid scratches and dents in your hardwood:
    • Move appliances carefully across your floors.
    • Use protective pads on the feet of chairs, couches and other heavy furniture.
    • Protect high-traffic areas with rugs and mats.
    • Clean the surfaces regularly to prevent the buildup of debris that may scratch your floors.

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