Matching Your Floor’s Trim

floor trim
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Putting new floors in your home is a beautiful and valuable upgrade. It can improve your daily life and your home’s resale value. However, finishing details like floor trim play a major role in your new floor’s final effect.

Floor trim connects the join between your walls and floor, smoothing over any gaps and creating an elegant finish. The term “floor trim” can mean wide baseboards or smaller pieces of trim that run along the edge of your flooring. 

Floor Trim Colors 

Some homeowners want their floor trim to contrast with the walls and flooring, while other people prefer for it to blend in seamlessly. If you prefer to have matching wooden flooring and floor trim, it’s best to order all materials from the same company to ensure a good match. 

Some popular wooden trims include maple, oak and hickory. These trims can range in color from light natural stains to flooring with brown, reddish, yellow and black undertones. 

If you prefer for your floor trim to blend into the wall, the options are endless — simply order primed floor trim and paint it to match your walls. You could also go classic and have white trim, depending on your floor and wall color.

How to Pick a Floor Trim Color 

With so many options, how do you pick a trim color? You can start by looking at spaces you already love. Pay attention to your favorite rooms in friends’ houses, look through magazines and search Pinterest for inspiration. 

Does the complement of light-colored flooring and white trim appeal to you? Do you prefer the modern feel of black trim and darker floors? What color are you planning to paint your walls, and why? Ask yourself some questions to help narrow down your options.

You can also think about upkeep. White trim tends to show dust more than wooden or darker trims. It will also show scratches and dents more easily, although that partly depends on the quality of paint you use. 

Finish Your Flooring With District Floor Depot

Still unsure of your perfect color combination? Reach out to District Floor Depot and schedule a consultation today. To help you get started, here are a couple of the matching floor and floor trim combinations we offer: 

Shoe mold in maple and Natural Maple Smooth flooring

Quarter round trim in red oak and Northern Red Oak Suede flooring

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