The Impact Of Hardwood Flooring On Your Health

hardwood floors in entry way
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Hardwood flooring is sought-after for the natural beauty and warmth it brings to interior spaces, but its positive impact on your health is also a major drawcard. At District Floor Depot, we make taking advantage of the health benefits of hardwood floors easy with our extensive range of hardwood floors and professional installation and restoration services in Washington, DC, and Herndon, VA.

Hardwood Flooring Health Benefits

The health benefits of hardwood flooring extend well beyond mere aesthetics, so explore some core ways hardwood floors can improve your health. 

Better Air Quality

Hardwood floors are naturally hypoallergenic and eliminate the risk of accumulating microorganisms and pesticides tracked in from outside. Wood is also carbon-neutral, keeping carbon emissions out of your home’s air. 

Fewer Allergens and Contaminants

Compared to carpets, porous tiles and flooring comprising grout lines, hardwood floors are smooth and less likely to gather dust, pet dander, pollutants and other contaminants. Family, friends, pets and employees are less likely to be exposed to harmful allergens, and keeping your hardwood floors clean and dust-free is far more manageable. 

Reduced Risk of Mold

The presence of dampness can breed mold and its airborne spores, which pose a host of health risks, including the contraction of respiratory diseases. Well-maintained and cared-for hardwood floors see far fewer dangers from mold growth as the dense and robust nature of the wood keeps moisture at bay. 

Introduces Nature Indoors

Everyone knows that being outdoors elevates your mood and improves your overall mental well-being. Installing hardwood floors brings nature into your home, promoting a positive environment for those in it.

Less Chemical Toxins

Manufacturing flooring such as carpets and vinyl tiles often involves several chemicals that make their way into your home when installed. The only chemical used when making hardwood floors is a binding resin, administered according to strict OSHA and EPA regulations, ensuring hardwood floors emit fewer chemical toxins.

Enhanced Posture

Hardwood floors offer a smooth, solid surface, providing maximum support whether walking, sitting or lying on the floor. This stability promotes better joint and bone alignment, meaning your posture could improve with hardwood floors installed.

Ensure a Healthier Interior With District Floor Depot Hardwood Floors

District Floor Depot is your one-stop flooring service provider in Washington, DC, and Herndon, VA, offering premium-quality hardwood flooring and installation services, including mill-direct pricing. Put our vast industry experience to the test when you contact our team to discuss your hardwood flooring needs. Schedule your in-home consultation today!

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