2024 Hardwood Floor Style Trends

hardwood floors in entry way
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A new year brings the opportunity to make your home feel as good as new! Keeping up with hardwood floor trends will inspire your next floor renovation. At District Floor Depot, we are ready to help you achieve your home’s new look by staying current on the most popular hardwood floor styles. If you are looking for inspiration, here are the year’s hardwood style trends:

Bringing Nature Home

A rising trend towards the end of 2023 was seeking out the benefits of nature. As we enter 2024, natural elements are still popular stylistic choices, especially in renovated spaces. Incorporating a natural interior goes beyond the space’s look, often providing benefits like increasing productivity and lowering stress levels. Hardwood floors are an excellent way to make the most of this trend, enhancing the room’s decor with contrasting wood colors. The hardwood floor styles that complement a natural interior include deep earthy tones that mimic outdoor elements, such as soil and tree trunks. These colors include:
  • Gray and black
  • Medium to deep brown
To fully immerse your home in this trend, your hardwood floors should incorporate various lengths and a distressed look that emphasizes natural wood’s unique look.

Soft and Subtle

Making your space soft and subtle adds a calming environment to your home and helps to promote a refreshing space to start a new day. Personality is vital, and this trend supports random and soft accent pieces that appeal to your senses. The soft and subtle effect gives you more creative freedom when deciding on a hardwood floor style. To successfully execute this trend, select hardwood floors that look natural and clean. A complementary color palette for your floor can range from pale grays to dark browns with a dull to medium gloss.

Simple and Clean

The simple and clean style focuses on functionality and organization. Hardwood floors with medium tones and a smooth finish add to these simple spaces to enhance the area’s warmth and add a pop of color. Using warmer tones for flooring adds a minimalistic feel to your space while making the space feel well-kept. This trend is booming in homes and environments looking for easy-to-clean interiors with beautiful focal points like hardwood flooring.

Find Your Style

You may know which trend fits your renovation goals, but what is your best hardwood floor style option? District Floor Depot can help you find flooring colors and finishes that achieve that new home feel, regardless of which trend you choose! Contact us today to discuss the floor that is perfect for you!

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