Picking Furniture to Match Your Hardwood Floors

living room with fireplace and beautiful solid hardwood floors
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If you want to create a striking contrast or fine complementary decor, picking the perfect furniture to match your hardwood floors can make all the difference. Whether you’ve installed new light or dark hardwood floors or want to in the future, there are several approaches you could take to ensure your furniture supports the style you prefer.

What Color Furniture Is Best for Dark Hardwood Floors?

There’s a timelessness about dark hardwood floors, making them ideal for pairing with classic-looking furniture. Dark colors add weight to a room, and your floor is a significant part of the space. Given this characteristic, we recommend lifting its heavier feel with furniture in white and other light hues. 

Select a brighter accent color as a contrast against the canvas of lighter tones and foundational dark wood floor. Should you prefer darker furniture, add a few light accents throughout the room to offset the other colors and prevent a monotone look. 

How Do You Match Furniture With Light Hardwood Floors?

Light hardwood floors tend to open up a room, making it feel more spacious. If you want to take advantage of this openness, you can incorporate light wood or white furniture for a tranquil and calming feel. Matching your wooden furniture to the floor is fine with light hardwood flooring, but you should offset it with bold accent pieces to prevent a whitewashed look.

For more contrast, opt for mahogany when choosing wooden furniture for your light wood floors or select furniture a few shades darker than the floor. Go for natural fabrics like leather to complement the wood, or choose textured materials to add a slight contrast.

What Else Should You Consider When Matching Furniture With Wood Flooring?

When determining what color furniture to get for wood floors, it’s often best to pick upholstery in hues that complement the wood’s color, ensuring a smoother transition from floor to furniture. Bringing a balanced color palette into the space is the best approach to ensure the floor, furniture and decor work well together.

Lay a flashy rug on a light wood floor or a traditional one on a dark wood floor to frame your furniture. You can also include accent colors in fabrics by scattering cushions around your space and bringing more natural elements like potted plants into the room.

Select the Perfect Hardwood Floors for Your Decor at District Floor Depot

If you have a specific look or style in mind, start by installing hardwood floors to suit it. When you choose District Floor Depot in Washington, DC and Herndon, VA for your hardwood flooring, you can access a broad range of light and dark hardwood floors and a team with immense industry experience. Contact our experts to schedule your in-home consultation and create the room of your dreams.

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