The Best Flooring for Stair Treads

new flooring installation on stairs
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When you’re renovating your staircase or building a new design from scratch, it’s essential to find the right flooring. Stair treads can be composed of various materials, giving you many options to choose from. You can improve the aesthetic appeal, safety and functionality of your home with the right staircase flooring.

Types of Flooring for Stairs

Choosing stair treads for your home involves many factors, from the design to the level of maintenance. Here are some of the best flooring options for stairs and landings.


Builders and homeowners favor hardwood flooring for its elegance and durability. You can choose from various hardwoods, including oak, ash and walnut. Hardwood staircases can be a stunning feature of your home’s overall design. If you already have hardwood around the stairs, this flooring option will be an excellent addition to the flow of your home.

Hardwood is a strong material that can handle heavy foot traffic without major damage. It is also easy to clean, making it low maintenance.


Carpet offers safety, warmth and comfort. It is less slippery than other flooring types, making it the safest option for your stairs — and if you do slip and fall on carpet, you’ll have a softer landing.

Carpets come in many different colors, patterns and textures, which gives you great flexibility when it comes to finding a design that matches your interior.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank flooring is affordable and long-lasting. This versatile flooring option can imitate the appearance of other materials such as wood or marble.

It is waterproof and stain resistant due to a layer on the surface that protects against stains and scratches. Vinyl plank flooring is low maintenance and only requires sweeping or vacuuming to stay clean.


Tile can be an excellent option for an attractive and unique design. This flooring offers an endless number of patterns and colors. Tile is also relatively easy to clean and maintain.

This affordable flooring option is ideal if you live in a warm area because tiles can have a cooling effect. Consider getting ceramic or porcelain tiles if you want safe and durable materials.

Contact District Floor Depot for Professional Flooring Installation

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