Xylona Plank Hardwood Flooring

Available Exclusively at District Floor Depot

Our Xylona Plank hardwood flooring is guaranteed to bring your home’s look to a whole new level.


Along with its visual appeal and highly durable quality, it’s also sourced responsibly from mills that are committed to legal and sustainable practices. When you purchase from District Floor Depot, you’ll be getting the best quality hardwood flooring as well as helping ensure our forests remain protected.

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Xylona Plank Hardwood Flooring Advantages

As one of District Depot Flooring unique product lines, our Xylona Plank flooring features attributes you won’t find in any other form of hardwood flooring.

  • Highly durable
  • Warmth and Unique in Color
  • Valuable
  • Last a lifetime
  • Sourced responsibly

It’s a product that’s truly one of a kind, and it’s available exclusively at District Floor Depot.

Our Mill-Direct Pricing Gets You The Best for Less

We guarantee you that you won’t find a better deal on hardwood flooring in the DC area than here at District Floor Depot!

We are proud to proud to partner with lumber mills directly which allows us to get our products faster and cheaper than our competitors. Best of all, it allows us to pass those savings onto our customers!

If you are looking to find the best deals on hardwood flooring in the DC area, look no further than District Floor Depot!

Sourced Responsibly From The Finest Tropical Forests

At District Floor Depot, we are proud to partner only with lumber mills that are committed to legal and safe practices when it comes to sourcing our products.  

It’s important to us that we are committed to responsible practices when it comes to obtaining our exotic flooring products so we can continue to provide our customers with the highest quality hardwoods and keep our tropical forests safe for many years to come.

You won’t only be getting the best quality hardwood flooring when your purchase from us, but also playing your part in protecting our forests!

Ordering Made Easy For You

We know how busy your schedule can be, which is why at District Floor Depot we make ordering our products easy and convenient for you.

Call and place an order today and we’ll have it ready for pick up at whatever time works best for you! If you order the night before, we can even have your order available for pick-up at 7 am the next business day!

Visit The Store, or We’ll Bring the Store to You

Swing by our store today to take a look at our wide variety of exotic hardwood flooring styles. If you don’t have time to come by the store, call us and make an appointment, and we’ll bring the showroom to you!

During your appointment, you can get a look at our products in your own home so you can get a first-hand look at which is the best fit for you. Our associates will also provide you with a price quote and take measurements of your home.

Call today to schedule a consultation!


All Styles & Designs

    R1C-2SSF 2 1/4″ Red Oak No. 1 Common (Unfinished)
    R1C-3SSF 3 1/4″ Red Oak No. 1 Common (Unfinished)
    RSB-2SSF 2 1/4″ Red Oak Select & Better (Unfinished)
    RSB-3SSF 3 1/4″ Red Oak Select & Better (Unfinished)
    ROP-BNAT2 2 1/4″ Natural Red Oak
    ROP-BSPC2 2 1/4″ Spice Oak
    ROP-BGUN2 2 1/4″ Gunstock Oak
    ROP-BSRA2 2 1/4″ Sierra Oak
    ROP-BCAP2 2 1/4″ Cappuccino Oak
    ROP-BCHRY2 2 1/4″ Cherry Oak
    ROP-BNAT3 3 1/4″ Natural Red Oak
    ROP-BSPC3 3 1/4″ Spice Oak
    ROP-BGUN3 3 1/4″ Gunstock Oak
    ROP-BSRA3 3 1/4″ Sierra Oak
    ROP-BCAP3 3 1/4″ Cappuccino Oak
    ROP-BCHRY3 3 1/4″ Cherry Oak
    ROP-BNAT4 4″ Natural Red Oak
    ROP-BSPC4 4″ Spice Oak
    ROP-BGUN4 4″ Gunstock Oak
    ROP-BSRA4 4″ Sierra Oak
    ROP-BCAP4 4″ Cappuccino Oak
    ROP-BCHRY4 4″ Cherry Oak
    M-MNAT3 3″ Natural Maple
    M-NUTM3 3″ Nutmeg Maple
    M-TRF3 3″ Truffle Maple
    M-SEAS3 3″ Seashell Maple
    M-MNAT5 5″ Natural Maple
    M-NUTM5 5″ Nutmeg Maple
    M-TRF5 5″ Truffle Maple
    M-SEAS5 5″ Seashell Maple
    AH2101 2 1/4″ All American Natural Hickory
    AH2102 2 1/4″ All American Sierra Hickory
    AH2103 2 1/4″ All American Amber Hickory
    AH3101 3 1/4″ All American Natural Hickory
    AH3102 3 1/4″ All American Sierra Hickory
    AH3103 3 1/4″ All American Amber Hickory
    AH4101 4″ All American Natural Hickory
    AH4102 4″ All American Sierra Hickory
    AH4103 4″ All American Amber Hickory
    AM3101 3″ All American Hand Scraped Sand Dune Maple
    AM3102 3″ All American Hand Scraped Spiced Maple
    AM3103 3″ All American Hand Scraped Midnight Maple
    AM4101 4″ All American Hand Scraped Sand Dune Maple
    AM4102 4″ All American Hand Scraped Spiced Maple
    AM4103 4″ All American Hand Scraped Midnight Maple
    AH4201 4″ All American Hand Scraped Natural Hickory
    AH4202 4″ All American Hand Scraped Sierra Hickory
    AO4101 4″ All American Hand Scraped Honey Oak
    AO4102 4″ All American Hand Scraped Harvest Oak
    AO4103 4″ All American Hand Scraped Coffee Oak
    AO4104 4″ All American Hand Scraped Merlot Oak
    AY5201 5 1/8″ Hand Scraped Amber Pine
    AY5202 5 1/8″ Hand Scraped Chestnut Pine
    AY5203 5 1/8″ Hand Scraped Smoked Pine
    WB2101 2 1/4″ All American Wire Brushed Rocking Chair Hickory
    WB2102 2 1/4″ All American Wire Brushed Brown Sugar Hickory
    WB2103 2 1/4″ All American Wire Brushed Bison Hickory
    WB3101 3 1/4″ All American Wire Brushed Rocking Chair Hickory
    WB3102 3 1/4″ All American Wire Brushed Brown Sugar Hickory
    WB3103 3 1/4″ All American Wire Brushed Bison Hickory
    WB4101 4″ All American Wire Brushed Rocking Chair Hickory
    WB4102 4″ All American Wire Brushed Brown Sugar Hickory
    WB4103 4″ All American Wire Brushed Bison Hickory
    WB4201 4″ All American Wire Brushed Sienna Oak
    WB4202 4″ All American Wire Brushed Chocolate Oak
    AY5101 5 1/8″ Natural Pine
    AY5102 5 1/8″ Antiqued Honey Pine
    AY5103 5 1/8″ Antiqued Sierra Pine
    AY5104 5 1/8″ Antiqued Dark Clove Pine
    BS4101 4″ Band Sawn Slate Hickory
    BS4102 4″ Band Sawn Brown Sugar Hickory
    BS4103 4″ Band Sawn Maple Syrup Hickory
    BS4201 4″ Band Sawn Dark Sienna Oak
    BS4202 4″ Band Sawn Barnboard Oak
    BS4203 4″ Band Sawn Desert Sand Oak
    BS4204 4″ Band Sawn Black Cherry Oak
    BS4205 4″ Band Sawn Cast Iron Oak
    AY5301 5 1/8″ Band Sawn Black Honey Pine
    AY5302 5 1/8″ Band Sawn Black Sienna Pine
    AJ3101 3 3/4″ Natural Brazilian Cherry
    AJ3202 3 3/4″ Hand Scraped Magnolia Brazilian Cherry
    AJ5101 5″ Natural Brazilian Cherry
    AJ5202 5″ Hand Scraped Magnolia Brazilian Cherry
    B0301E 3/8″ x 3″ Natural Red Oak
    B5501E 3/8″ x 5″ Natural Red Oak
    B0306E 3/8″ x 3″ Golden Oak
    B5506E 3/8″ x 5″ Golden Oak
    B0307E 3/8″ x 3″ Gunstock Oak
    B5507E 3/8″ x 5″ Gunstock Oak
    B0308E 3/8″ x 3″ Hazelnut Oak
    B5508E 3/8″ x 5″ Hazelnut Oak
    B03011E 3/8″ x 3″ Sterling Oak
    B55011E 3/8″ x 5″ Sterling Oak
    HB501E 3/8″ x 5″ Hand Scraped Avondale
    HB502E 3/8″ x 5″ Hand Scraped Lizella
    HB503E 3/8″ x 5″ Hand Scraped Macon
    HB504E 3/8″ x 5″ Hand Scraped Walden
    EBH50AR38HS 3/8″ x 5″ Hand Scraped Arthur Birch
    EBH50MN38HS 3/8″ x 5″ Hand Scraped Monroe Birch
    EBH50VE38HS 3/8″ x 5″ Hand Scraped Venus Birch
    W030D-3001 Platinum Oak
    W030D-3002 Rain Barrel Oak
    W030D-3003 Estate Grey Oak
    W030D-3004 Finnish Pine
    W030D-3005 Antique Pine
    W030D-3006 Old English Pine
    W020D-2001 Cape Cod Grey
    W020D-2002 Tea Party Brown
    W020D-2003 Puritan Tan
    W020D-2004 Bleached Boardwalk
    W020D-2005 Midnight Ride
    W020D-2006 Drifted Acacia
    V040D-4001 Walnut Grove
    V040D-4002 Dark Shadows
    V040D-4003 Heritage Grey
    V040D-4004 Smokscreen
    V040D-4005 Natural Blonde
    V040D-4006 Red Oak
    V010D-1001 Barnwood
    V010D-1002 Early American
    V010D-1003 Honey
    V010D-1004 Driftwood
    V010D-1005 Provincial
    V010D-1006 Weathered Acacia
    NA-NH-7.5 Oak Notting Hill Wirebrushed
    NA-SO-7.5 Oak Soho Wirebrushed
    NA-WM-7.5 Oak Winter Mist Wirebrushed
    NA-NTF-7.5 Oak Nightfall Wirebrushed
    MC-CO-357 Hickory Coral Hand-Scraped
    MC-MA-357 Hickory Marsala Hand-Scraped
    MC-DS-7.5 Hickory Desert Shadows Hand-Scraped Wirebrushed
    MC-SH-7.5 Hickory Sunset Hills Hand-Scraped Wirebrushed
    MC-LAJ-8 Oak La Jolla Wirebrushed
    MC-MAN-8 Oak Manhattan Wirebrushed
    MC-DC-7.5 Oak Dark Chocolate Wirebrushed
    MC-DK-7.5 Oak Dakota Wirebrushed
    MC-RBW-7.5 Oak Rustic Barn Wood Wirebrushed
    MC-GM-7.5 Oak Grey Mist Hand-Scraped Wirebrushed
    MC-CS-7 Oak Castlestone Wirebrushed
    NA-HSM-7 Hickory Silver Mist
    NA-SNO-7.5 Oak Snow Cap
    MC-AH-7.5 Oak Aspen Hills
    MC-VO-7.5 Oak Vintage
    MC-WSB-7.5 Walnut Santa Barbara
    NA-SGT-5 Acacia Golden Topaz
    NA-PA-5 Acacia Pacific
    MC-HSB-7.5 Hickory Stony Brook
    MC-SW-7.5 Speckled White
    NA-WS-7 Saddle Walnut
    JS-PL-5 Hickory Plaza
    JS-MID-357 Hickory Midtown 3,5&6.5″ Planks
    MC-LC-7.5 Hickory Lost Canyon
    MC-BS-357 Oak Big Sur 3,5.5&7.5″ Planks
    MC-MM-357 Oak Mammoth 3,5.5&7.5″ Planks
    NA-C-5 Acacia Cabernet
    NA-AA-5 Acacia Atlantic
    MC-S-7.5 Oak Santee Wirebrushed
    MC-SF-9.5 Oak Sea Foam
    MC-BB-9.5 Oak Broadway Brown
    MC-OG-9.5 Oak Designer Grey
    MC-STM-7.5 Hickory Saint Moritz
    MC-GN-7.5 Hickory Gun Metal
    14725 Muirfield 3″ Red Oak Natural
    15419 St. Andrews 3″ Dark Chocolate Oak
    18398 Muirfield 3″ Oak Granite
    19897 Muirfield 4″ Red Oak Natural
    15418 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Dark Chocolate Oak
    18399 Muirfield 4″ Oak Granite
    19898 Muirfield 5″ Red Oak Natural
    18400 Muirfield 5″ Oak Granite
    15576 Muirfield 3″ Hickory Natural
    14749 Muirfield 3″ Hickory Provincial
    14747 Muirfield 3″ Hickory Saddle
    15577 Muirfield 4″ Hickory Natural
    14593 Muirfield 4″ Hickory Provincial
    14585 Muirfield 4″ Hickory Saddle
    15578 Muirfield 5″ Hickory Natural
    14594 Muirfield 5″ Hickory Provincial
    14586 Muirfield 5″ Hickory Saddle
    159343 Muirfield 2-1/4″Oak Tuscan Brown
    15951 Muirfield 3″Oak Tuscan Brown
    19901 Muirfield 4″Oak Tuscan Brown
    19902 Muirfield 5″Oak Tuscan Brown
    13931 Muirfield 2-1/4″Oak Saddle
    14737 Muirfield 3″Oak Saddle
    19903 Muirfield 4″Oak Saddle
    19904 Muirfield 5″Oak Saddle
    18092 Muirfield 3″Maple Graphite
    18370 Muirfield 4″Maple Graphite
    18371 Muirfield 5″Maple Graphite
    15557 Muirfield 3″Maple Golden
    18125 Williamsburg Wire Brushed 4″ White Oak Natural
    18217 Williamsburg Wire Brushed 4″ Oak Provincial
    18218 Williamsburg Wire Brushed 4″ Oak Autumn
    18219 Williamsburg Wire Brushed 4″ Oak Granite
    18220 Williamsburg Wire Brushed 4″ Oak Black Pearl
    18421 Williamsburg Wire Brushed 4″ Hickory Champagne
    14742 Knob Creek 3″ Hickory Saddle
    14007 Knob Creek 4″ Hickory Saddle
    20602 Knob Creek 3″ Oak Saddle
    14004 Knob Creek 4″ Oak Saddle
    14136 Knob Creek 4″ Maple Cappuccino
    11247 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Red Oak Natural
    10932 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Gunstock
    18362 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Bridle
    10933 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Saddle
    10934 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Stirrup
    10930 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Caramel
    13691 St. Andrews 2-1/4″ Merlot
    14697 St. Andrews 3″ Red Oak Natural
    14693 St. Andrews 3″ Gunstock
    18366 St. Andrews 3″ Bridle
    14714 St. Andrews 3″ Saddle
    14703 St. Andrews 3″ Stirrup
    14691 St. Andrews 3″ Caramel
    14723 St. Andrews 3″ Merlot
    ENGAME314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Amendoim Natural
    ENGBP314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Guajuvira Brazilian Pecan
    ENGBRASH314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Brazilian Ash
    ENGBC314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Natural
    ENGTW314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Muiracatiara (Tigerwood) Natural
    ENGSU314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Sucupira (Brazilian Chestnut) Natural
    ENGBW314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) Natural
    ENGAME514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Amendoim Natural
    ENGBP514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Guajuvira Brazilian Pecan
    ENGBC514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Natural
    ENGTW514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Muiracatiara (Tigerwood) Natural
    ENGSU514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Sucupira (Brazilian Chestnut) Natural
    ENGBW514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) Natural
    ENGBRASH514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Brazilian Ash
    ENGGRAPHBP314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Guajuvira (Graphite) Brazilian Pecan
    ENGMADSU314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Maduro Chestnut
    ENGBT314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Brazilian Teak
    ENGMADSU514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Maduro Chestnut
    ENGCHOCBP514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Guajuvira (Chocolate) Brazilian Pecan
    ENGGRAPHBP514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Guajuvira (Graphite) Brazilian Pecan
    ENGROYBC514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Royal Brazilian Cherry
    ENGBT514 1/2″ X 5-1/4″ Brazilian Teak
    ENGROYBC314 3/8″ X 3-1/4″ Royal Brazilian Cherry
    CW-940 MultiCore Premium – Cambridge
    CW-142 MultiCore Premium – Williamsburg
    CW-462 MultiCore Premium – Aspen
    CW-097 MultiCore Premium – Winchester
    CW-184 MultiCore Premium – Brownstone
    CW-098 MultiCore Premium – Camden
    CW-461 MultiCore Premium – Loredo
    CW-942 MultiCore Premium – Sundance
    CW-944 MultiCore Premium – Burnt Umber
    CW-1070 MultiCore Premium – Chapel Hill Acacia
    CW-126 MultiCore – Brazilian Walnut
    CW-953 MultiCore – Whistling Thorn
    CW-421 MultiCore – Windy Hill
    CW-267 MultiCore – Brighton Oak
    CW-205 MultiCore – Buck Trail
    CW-349 MultiCore – Smokey Amber
    CW-205 MultiCore – Fawn Oak
    CW-348 MultiCore – Blue Ridge Elm
    CRLMCLIC12950 Aspen Oak Click 12mil wear
    CRLMCLIC12952 Arvada Oak Click 12mil wear
    CRLMCLIC12900 Aurora Oak Click 12mil wear
    CRLMCLIC12953 Alamosa Acacia Click 12mil wear
    SLB-1HI021R1-01 5″ Hickory – Country Natural
    SLB-1HI021R1-02 5″ Hickory – Sienna
    SLB-1HI021R1-04 5″ Hickory – Spice
    SLB-1WO021R1-03 5″ White Oak – Gunstock
    SLB-1WO021R1-05 5″ White Oak – Brown Bear
    SLB-9BI121R1-0100 5″ Birch – Heritage (Handscraped)
    SLB-CLR-SV-0101 5″ Birch – Coffee Bean (Handscraped)
    SLB-9BI121R1-02 5″ Birch – Biscuit (Handscraped)
    SLB-2BW122R1-08 5″ Black Walnut – Natural (Handsraped)
    SLB-2WO122R1-10 5″ White Oak – Sierra (Handsraped)
    SLB-2HI151R1-61 6.5″ Hickory – Country Natural (Handscraped)
    SLB-2HI151R1-62 6.5″ Hickory – Tobacco (Handscraped)
    SLB-2HI151R1-63 6.5″ Hickory – Laredo (Handscraped)
    SLB-2HI151R1-64 6.5″ Hickory – Wine Barrel (Handscraped)
    SLB-2HI151R1-65 6.5″ Hickory – Cognac (Handscraped)
    AWCH3 3 5/8″ Bellmore Asian Walnut Champagne (Acacia)
    AWNT3 3 5/8″ Bellmore Asian Walnut Natural (Acacia)
    2MDCB434 4 3/4′ Middleton Acacia Canyon Brown
    KPHHSMOWA4 4 3/4″ Portland Mahogany
    TCSNT4343 4 3/4″ Bellmore Sucupira Natural
    CMNT312 3 1/2″ Bellmore Teak Natural
    B1-2PSECWO7TG Ecru White Oak
    B1-2PSUMW07TG Umber White Oak
    B1-2PSBIW07TG Biscuit White Oak
    B1-2PSSTH17TG Stone Hickory
    B1-2PSLAW07TG Lace White Oak
    B1-2PSSMH17TG Smoke Hickory
    B1-2PSBEH17TG Beam Hickory
    B1-2PSSTW07TG Sterling Oak
    B1-2PSGBH17TG Grey Bridge Hickory
    B1-2PSSAW07TG Sahara White Oak
    50LVP904 Teton Oak 8.98″
    50LVP915 Waddington Oak 8.98″
    50LVP908 Fairweather Oak 8.98″
    50LVP903 Wind River Oak 8.98″
    50LVP906 Logan Oak 8.98″
    50LVP905 Twilight Oak 8.98″
    50LVP912 Hayes Oak 8.98″
    50LVP918 Whitney Oak 8.98″
    50LVP902 Rainier Oak 8.98″
    50LVP917 Morar Oak 8.98″
    50LVP914 Williamson Oak  8.98″
    50LVP916 Venado Oak 8.98″
    50LVP913 Appalachian Pine 8.98″
    50LVP701 Georgetown Oak 7″
    50LVP209 St. Andrew’s Oak 7″
    50LVP210 Kingswood Oak 7″
    50LVP211 Nantucket Oak 7″
    50LVP201 Gold Coast Acacia 5″
    50LVP202 Deep Smoked Oak 5″
    50LVP205 Northwoods Oak 5″
    50LVP206 Boardwalk Oak 5″
    50LVP207 Rocky Mountain Oak 5″
    50LVP501 Carolina Pine 5″
    50LVP503 Black Walnut 5″
    50LVP504 Clear Lake Oak 5″
    50LVP505 Norwegian Maple 5″
    50LVP506 Corvallis Pine 5″
    50LVP507 Dakota Walnut 5″
    50LVP508 Red River Hickory 5″
    50LVT1802 Antique Marble
    50LVT104 Ankara Travertiine
    40NP22000 Symmetry Natura
    40NP22904 Symmetry Gris
    40NP44001 Salon Creama
    40NP44002 Salon Alba
    40NP44003 Salon Dulsa
    40NP44007 Salon Burle
    40NP44008 Salon Duterra
    40NP93000 Cubis Natura
    40NP93009 Cubis Corsair
    40NP93018 Cubis Corte
    40NP93091 Cubis Melange
    40NP93092 Cubis Agua
    40NP93093 Cubis Blanco
    40NP93901 Cubis Thyme
    40NP93902 Cubis Sage
    40NP93904 Cubis Gris
    40NP93906 Cubis Darco
    40NP93909 Cubis Maude
    40P3110 Marmol
    40P3310 Roca
    40P3313 Nieve
    40P3A12 Rayas
    40P3510 Luna
    40P3610 Pedras
    40P3A10 Ebro
    40P4710 Mondego
    40P4707 Branca
    40P4729 Navia
    40P4610 Tinto
    40P4612 Elsa
    40P4510 Tordera
    Natural Cork Wide Tile
    40TR1310 Delgada
    40TR0311 Mistral
    40TR0630 Azores
    40TR0631 Mayorca
    Cork Canvas Plank
    40PC2101 Kilmartin Pine
    40PC2201 Aberdeen Oak
    40PC2301 Arctic Oak
    40PC2401 Everglade Oak
    Cork Canvas Tile
    40PC1001 Slate Autumn
    40PC1002 Jura Dore
    40PC1003 Travertine Romano
    40PC1004 Travertine Chiampo
    Parquet Glue Down**
    40T1OC10 Marmol Matte
    40T1OC00 Tabac Matte
    40T1OC70 Coffee Matte
    40T1OC20 Cleopatra Matte
    40T1OC30 Merida Matte
    40T1OC40 Edipo Matte
    40T1OC50 Douro Matte
    40T1OC60 Lisbon Matte