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Oak Vinyl WPC

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What do you think guests notice first when they visit your home? Is it the carefully selected wall color in the living room? Maybe it’s the trendy furnishings, or it could be the scuffed flooring in the kitchen.

Would it surprise you if we said it’s none of the above?

The first thing most guests notice when they visit has nothing to do with what they can see, rather, it’s the smell.

We can’t help with the smell of your home, but in today’s post, we’ll share what we know about Pine Vinyl WPC. Even if guests don’t look immediately at your flooring when they walk in the door, eventually, they’ll notice.

If you’re considering a refresh for your floors, WPC vinyl flooring can transform any room in your home. Read all about it here!

Brings Floors to Life with the Look of Wood

Homeowners (and their guests) love the idea of natural wood flooring for a variety of reasons. Who doesn’t enjoy the high-end and luxurious look of a well-maintained wood floor? They’re also easy to clean, don’t harbor airborne allergens, and in general, last for years.

What if you could bring life back to your floors and create a stunning visual impact without the associated cost?

You can do it with wood plastic composite flooring! This vinyl flooring solution offers the realistic appearance of natural wood, including the grain patterns. Choose the warm, rustic look of Pine Vinyl WPC,  and you’ll bring out your home’s charm in a way no other flooring can.

Put all the fantastic visual aspects of natural wood together but do it in WPC vinyl flooring and you have a durable, minimum maintenance alternative to hardwood.

WPC Flooring and Durability

Whether you’re installing new flooring in a kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, or living space, you want something designed to stand up to foot traffic and human error. Those things like muddy feet, spilled milk, and people who drop everything they put in their hands. You also want a flooring solution that passes the test of time!

While no flooring is perfect, WPC vinyl flooring comes dangerously close for several reasons.

First, this flooring resists normal wear and tear, including scratches and stains. Great news for households with kids and pets!

As far as care, you can’t get any easier than this. Routine sweeping and the occasional damp mop will keep your floor in tip-top shape. You can even use a vacuum without fear of beating up your flooring.

Vinyl flooring also absorbs all the shocks your family can deliver. You can drop your favorite pan on the floor, and it won’t chip or crack like ceramic or natural stone flooring.

If you should damage a section, say, with a sharp knife, you can easily replace a single section without damaging your budget in the process.

Looking for Comfort?

No matter what the season, when your feet hit the ground, you’d like as soft an impact as possible.

WPC flooring feels soft under your feet. It’s so soft, you’ll almost feel like you’re bouncing. It’s because this flooring absorbs pressure, and it’s why so many homeowners love installing it in kitchens. The one room where you spend the most time on your feet needs an ultra-comfortable floor.

Speaking of comfort, you’ll not only enjoy the soft feel of this flooring, but you’ll also enjoy the temperature. Vinyl flooring remains at room temperature, regardless of the season. No more ice-cold floors on your toasty toes in the winter.

Another reason, people love this flooring? Not only does it absorb the pressure from your feet, but it also absorbs noise. More great news for families with kids!

Choose Pine Vinyl WPC for the Price

There’s nothing truer than the statement “you get what you pay for” and it’s especially relevant when shopping for flooring.

Vinyl flooring makes for a cost-effective solution. You do, however, get what you pay for and it’s a good idea to go for the mid-priced option rather than the least expensive. WPC vinyl isn’t the cheapest in price or quality, but it’s still considered more cost-effective than natural wood.

You want a higher quality vinyl, especially when you’re installing it in a high traffic area. Many of the less expensive vinyl options tend to scratch and stain more easily. They’re also not as installation-friendly which we’ll come to in a minute.

Choosing a wood plastic composite floor means you get a higher-quality padding, a more durable finish, and usually, a better warranty.

Easy to Install Flooring Solution

Another reason WPC vinyl makes a great solution for your flooring needs is the ease of installation.

Even the least experienced DIYer can tackle installation. In some cases, you can install your new flooring right over your existing floors, making the whole process even easier.

Maybe you’re not a big do-it-yourself fan. That’s not a problem because we not only carry WPC vinyl flooring, we install it. When our team does the work, installations take less than a day!

Ready to Buy Your New WPC Vinyl Flooring?

WPC vinyl makes the best flooring choice because it’s attractive, durable, comfortable, and it won’t ruin your flooring budget. Add ease of installation to the list of benefits and it just makes sense to choose Pine vinyl WPC.

If you’re ready to experience the best vinyl flooring solution, our team is here to help. Contact us today and schedule a consultation. Let’s transform your living space!

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