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Harris Island Oak

$6.39$7.19 sq. ft.

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For flooring, we recommend adding approximately 10% to the total square foot to account for waste.


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1/2, 3/4



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Glue or Float (Engineered Only), Nail, Staple

The durability of oak flooring meets toned-down posh in the natural beauty of Harris Island Oak, and homeowners love it! Unlike its white and red counterparts in the oak species, Harris Island contains fewer yellow and red tones. Instead, its hues of sandstone make a statement by saying less, while the subdued knot patterns give it personality.

The Gentle Elegance of Harris Island Oak

This smooth-grained wood goes well with uncomplicated decorating schemes and neutral colors, such as taupe, cream, white, and gray. Harris Island Oak solid hardwood flooring is an ideal choice for large areas or rooms that won’t be subjected to high amounts of moisture. In great rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, it brings a warm splash of color to the space without being overbearing. Harris Island Oak is also available as engineered hardwood, which is a better option for kitchens due to its stability in varying humidity levels.

Patriot Plank: Sustainable American Lumber

We’re honored to bring our customers superior products by Patriot Plank, a brand of solid wood flooring sold exclusively at District Floor Depot. The US lumber mills that produce Patriot Plank help preserve America’s woodlands by sustainably harvesting our native tree species. Their environmentally friendly practices protect not only our hardwood forests but our precious wildlife. This entire process results in responsibly created natural floors. Patriot Plank helps beautify your home and ensures that future generations can enjoy our nation’s vital resources too.

Benefits of Harris Island Oak Solid Hardwood Floors

  • Oak is strong and hard-wearing, which is one of the many reasons people choose it. A properly cared for Harris Island Oak solid hardwood floor will last for decades.
  • Because of oak’s versatility and classic appeal that never goes out of style, it will add value to your home.
  • The subtle tones of Harris Island Oak make it a good pick for many modern decorating styles, such as Scandinavian, Mid-century Modern, Transitional (a blend of Traditional and Contemporary), French Country, and Bohemian.
  • Oak solid hardwood floors are a breeze to care for and maintain. Occasional sweeping and spot cleaning will do the trick.
  • Harris Island Oak is resistant to fading. Its color will become even more vibrant over time.
  • Oak is one of the best woods for staining because of its porous grain structure, which means you have lots of options if you decide to modify your home decor down the road. You can leave it natural or go very dark.
  • Let’s face it: natural hardwood is stunning! You’re sure to have many admirers of your Harris Island Oak floors.

Harris Island Oak Installation Options

District Floor Depot has brought the timeless beauty of natural oak hardwood flooring to hundreds of customers, and we’d love to bring the same to you. Our skilled floor installers in Herndon, VA, and Washington, DC, will answer all your questions about Harris Island Oak and explain the installation process. Feel free to browse our showroom at 1600 Rhode Island Avenue, and experience our exceptional customer service and affordable prices. Or, call us, and we’ll bring the samples to you!

Mill-Direct Pricing
Puts More Money In Your Pocket

We can offer our customers the best prices in DC because we buy our products mill-direct, and pass those savings on to you. By sourcing our products directly from the mill, we cut out the middleman and save our valued customers time and money.

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