Cades Cove Hickory

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Glue, Float, or Staple (Engineered Only), Nail

The Warmth of Natural Hickory

Inspired by the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, Cades Cove Hickory flooring brings to mind whitetail deer, country cabins, and crackling fireplaces. Fortunately, you can enjoy the natural beauty of this warm-toned solid hardwood right here in the Chesapeake Bay area. Like pine and other knotty types, hickory has a rustic appearance. Planks often vary significantly from one to the next in hue, deviating between reddish-brown to golden yellow to blonde. These color and knot pattern variations are among the reasons for hickory’s popularity. However, unlike pine, hickory is a hardwood (from a deciduous tree) with a hardness rating much higher than oak. In fact, hickory is the hardest wood grown domestically in North America. Because it looks great across the full staining spectrum from natural to dark, hickory works brilliantly with modern rustic, farmhouse, and classic decorating styles.

Sustainable Sourcing by Patriot Plank

Our Cades Cove Hickory is another excellent solid hardwood product from Patriot Plank, a District Floor Depot exclusive brand. Patriot Plank responsibly sources domestic hardwoods by partnering with lumber mills throughout the United States. Not only does this contribute to our economy by supporting US businesses, but environmentally sustainable practices help preserve and renew our forests, one of America’s most precious resources.

Benefits of Cades Cove Hickory Solid Hardwood

  • Although any natural wood floor will fade over time, hickory is one of the toughest out there. Due to its hardness, it’s highly resistant to nicks and dings and is one of the best woods for holding its color stain.
  • When left unstained in its au naturale state, hickory’s original tone is light and warm, ideal for brightening rooms.
  • While hickory is more challenging to install than some other woods, its durability is well worth the extra effort. Luckily, with professional installation services from District Floor Depot, we’ll complete the job without you ever needing to pick up a board.
  • Hickory boasts a streaked, untamed look that never fails to make a statement. However, since it’s a domestic species, it’s more affordable than some of the similarly-grained exotic hardwoods.
  • Hickory solid hardwood is a great pick when you’re aiming for a specific look, such as a French country kitchen design or other rustic schemes.
  • Nothing says “home” like the look and feel of real hardwood floors! It’s a charm and beauty that only Mother Nature can create, and bringing the warmth of natural hickory indoors evokes memories of walks in the woods and gently rustling leaves. And who doesn’t love showing off their stunning hardwood floors to guests?

Cades Cove Hickory Installation Options

If you’re trying to decide whether a Cades Cove Hickory floor is right for you, the associates at District Floor Depot can help. With locations in Herndon, VA, and Washington, DC, ready to serve you, our professional installers will discuss the pros and cons of natural hickory and help you select the best stain option. Reach out to us for a new hardwood floor that will be as long-lasting as it is beautiful!

Mill-Direct Pricing
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We can offer our customers the best prices in DC because we buy our products mill-direct, and pass those savings on to you. By sourcing our products directly from the mill, we cut out the middleman and save our valued customers time and money.

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