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Bamboo Currant

Original price was: $6.69.Current price is: $5.89. sq. ft.

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 16.97
Total Price $99.98

For flooring, we recommend adding approximately 10% to the total square foot to account for waste.

Available In :

  • Solid Tongue & Groove – 72 x 5-5/8 x 9/16


Color Variation


Color Fastness




50 Year Residential

Wood Species


Since making its international debut as a floor covering a few decades ago, bamboo has been gaining in popularity. It’s not only tasteful, but it’s an eco-friendly alternative to many hardwoods. For example, bamboo takes only 5 – 6 years to reach maturity as compared to 30 years for red oak!

The Exotic Beauty of Bamboo Currant

Bamboo is technically not a wood, but a rigid grass. It has a comparable hardness rating to that of oak, the wood which sets the industry standard for toughness. However, solid strand bamboo flooring is about twice as hard as classic bamboo because of the way it’s engineered. All bamboo must be engineered to a certain degree because the strands must be cut and then pressed back together. However, the flooring contains no plywood, only solid bamboo. Bamboo Currant is colloquially known as solid wood — one durable enough to be refinished as many as five times. The clean, smooth surface of this sophisticated material works perfectly in modern decorating styles, such as Industrial and Minimalist. Bamboo Currant’s deep red tones make a pleasing contrast in homes with light-colored walls, furniture, and decor accents.

What is Renewable Hardwood?

Our Bamboo Currant is made of premium renewable hardwood. The term “renewable hardwood” refers to any type of wood that is produced and harvested by environmentally friendly methods. Not only is bamboo is an exceptionally fast-growing plant, but choosing this flooring material conserves trees in general. It also reduces the consumption load placed on exotic tree species. District Floor Depot’s Bamboo Currant solid hardwood flooring is grown and gathered through conscientious farming methods that respect the environment, waterways, and animal life.

Experience the Benefits of Bamboo Floors

  • Bamboo floors are an affordable option in solid wood flooring while still providing sleek elegance and style.
  • Premium bamboo flooring is as strong (or stronger) and wear-resistant as other traditional solid hardwoods, such as oak.
  • Bamboo Currant solid hardwood flooring is easy to care for by sweeping or cleaning with a dust mop. If it requires wet mopping, you can do so with an approved bamboo cleaner, but the mop must be wrung out entirely so that it’s barely damp.
  • Bamboo flooring is available in five different types, giving you many options in patterns and functionality.
  • Bamboo is slightly more water-resistant than some types of hardwood like pine.
  • This hardy flooring can be refinished multiple times, and it’s an excellent choice for homeowners who want something different. While it does work best in contemporary decorating schemes, with the right stain, it’s versatile enough for rustic and traditional.
  • Some bamboo types are available in a glueless-click, tongue-and-groove system, making this flooring material an ideal option for do-it-yourselfers.

Bamboo Currant Installation Options

If you’ve decided it’s time to bring the exotic beauty of Bamboo Currant hardwood flooring to your home in the DMV, we can help. Our team members are standing by in Herndon, VA, and Washington, DC, to discuss your options and explain the pros and cons of bamboo floors. We understand that your floor choice influences the rest of your home’s decor, so we’ll help you find the perfect fit. And because we buy our bamboo flooring directly from mills, you get premium products at affordable prices. Give us a call today for striking Bamboo Currant floors that can last as long as 50 years!

Mill-Direct Pricing
Puts More Money In Your Pocket

We can offer our customers the best prices in DC because we buy our products mill-direct, and pass those savings on to you. By sourcing our products directly from the mill, we cut out the middleman and save our valued customers time and money.

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