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Authentic Vinyl SPC

$2.69 sq. ft.

Out of stock

We recommend adding approximately 10% to the total square foot to account for waste.





The Amazing Beauty of the Authentic SPC Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for an authentic, gorgeous and long-lasting flooring solution, SPC vinyl flooring is the best option for you. Every now and then the SPC flooring keeps getting better. It applies to both residential and commercial spaces.

What is Authentic SPC vinyl flooring?

SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite. It is also denoted as rigid core flooring. This is because the combination of stabilizers and limestone powder in its core are exceptionally rigid and ultra-dense. This rigidity makes SPC differ from other vinyl flooring’s.

SPC’s construction features

Wear layer

This is the transparent layer at the top. If offers resistance to stains and scratches and its simple to keep clean. The thicker this layer is, the better the protection.

Printed vinyl layer

This is a thin layer of the vinyl that is decorated and which provides the look, texture and pattern of the floor.

SPC layer

This is the waterproof, dense core of the floor that is made of polyvinyl chloride, stabilizers and natural limestone powder. It is responsible for the stability and rigidity of the plank.

Attached underlay

SPC vinyl may or may not come with an attached underlay. The underlay helps with adding softness and reducing sound to the floor.

Benefits of authentic SPC Vinyl flooring


The greatest advantage of SPC vinyl is that it has a waterproof core. This makes it suitable in areas such as basements, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms. It is also stable in places where temperature and moisture can fluctuate.


SPC vinyl flooring comes in different colors and patterns. This wide range of designs gives you an opportunity to go for your personal preference when choosing the SPC flooring.


SPC vinyl flooring has budget-friendly prices unlike other luxury flooring’s such hardwood. Characteristics like edges, texture and underlay may increase the price of the floors. The prices, therefore, differ depending on the type of style you choose.


The thick and stable layers give you a comfortable experience. The thicker the plank you use, the comfortable it feels on the feet. The thick layers also ensure there is no noise when walking on the floors because there is no hollow in them. This quietness is quite comfortable.

Easy installation

SPC floors are quite simple to install. They can easily be placed on top of other existing flooring or sub-floors. Most SPC vinyl designs easily get into place, thereby eliminating the stress of complicated and messy glues.

Easy to maintain

SPC vinyl flooring is very durable due to it is incredibly dense and resistance to impacts, wear, tear, scratches and stains. On top of its durability, it is easy to clean. Its maintenance only involves occasional mopping, sweeping or regular vacuuming. As time goes by, this kind of flooring resists peeling, cupping and fading. It can also withstand direct exposure to sunlight.

Are you ready to take your interior design to another level with SPC vinyl flooring? Get in touch with our design and installation District Floor Depot experts in Washington, DC or VA to see the installation services we have in store for you.




Mill-Direct Pricing
Puts More Money In Your Pocket

We can offer our customers the best prices in DC because we buy our products mill-direct, and pass those savings on to you. By sourcing our products directly from the mill, we cut out the middleman and save our valued customers time and money.

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