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Brand: Mohawk
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3-in-1 Repair Stick Touch Up Marker Filler Leveler


For flooring, we recommend adding approximately 10% to the total square foot to account for waste.

-3-step tool designed to make wood finishing repairs quick and simple.
-Fill in any nicks and scratches using the Fil-Stik® semi-soft wax filler stick.
-Remove excess material using the Leveler Cap for a smooth finish.
-Add color to edges and scratches using the wood stain and finish Mohawk Marker.

Currently available in 9 different colors.
The 3-in-1 Repair Stick is a quick and simple way to repair scratches, nicks, dents or other minor imperfections in any wood surface. It is ideal for touching up furniture, cabinets, trim, doors and even wood floors. Used together or individually, this 3-in-1 Repair Stick provides you with the three essentials needed for the most common wood touch-ups and repairs. Quickly fill deep scratches, nail holes and other damaged areas in low traffic areas using the Fil-Stik®. Push the Leveler Cap across the filled surface to clean and smooth your repair area. Replace color on furniture edges and scratches using the wood stain Mohawk Marker.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1 Shake well before using to ensure that the paint is well mixed.

Step 2 Remove the cap and depress the nib in an upright position to relieve pressure. To start paint flow, press the tip onto a rag until wet.

Step 3 Be sure to test your color in an inconspicuous area to ensure the stain matches your project correctly.

Step 4 When dealing with a deeper nick or scratch, start your wood repair with the Fil-Stik® end. Rub the stick against the surface at about a 45-degree angle to fill in the imperfection completely.

Step 5 Replace the cap onto the Fil-Stik®. Use the leveling cap to rub away excess material to leave you with a smooth surface.

Step 6 Wipe off any excess wax from the surrounding areas using your rag.

Step 7 Finish by replacing any additional color with the marker. Blend the stain to the surface using your finger.

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