Installation Services

The installer is the final quality inspector; it is for that reason we are members of the National Wood Flooring Association (N.W.F.A). We train our associates and installers with the N.W.F.A. to ensure we are at the cutting edge of industry trends and advancements.

There are many options for your flooring needs, we are confident that you will be delighted with our installation services.  It is just a part of the DFD Experience!

You’ve chosen the floor that will look great in your home, so we want to make sure it will perform the way you expect it to! There are three important points we strive to deliver on all of our installs, they are:


First, we visit every job site and take detailed measurements to fully evaluate the job before we develop our detailed quote.  We itemize every distinct nuance of the job, so we’re confident that we’re giving you, not only the right price, but more importantly the right job.


Next, we fully communicate the details and information of the quote.  We believe the only way to fully service the customer is to fully understand and communicate the expectations.  If the product chosen is not the ideal choice for the project, we will let them know and offer solutions that better meet their expectations.


Lastly, we send our teams of professionally trained and experienced installers.  We know our customer’s time is valuable and that we are working in their homes.  We respect this and will never go to a job without a full understanding of our customer’s expectations, and have the most detailed understanding of the installation requirements.