Top Flooring Options That Resemble Hardwood Floors

flooring from District Floor Depot
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If you’re like many homeowners, you’re captivated by the beauty and elegance of hardwood floors. This perennially popular flooring style adds warmth and character to any room and blends well with a wide range of interior decors. 

While the attractiveness is hard to beat, this flooring option offers a few disadvantages. Wood floors are more expensive than other products like tiles or carpeting. They’re also susceptible to scratching and moisture damage, and they show signs of wear more easily. For these reasons, many homeowners turn to other types of flooring that are easier to take care of. Fortunately, if you’re looking for something low-maintenance, you have lots of options to choose from without sacrificing style.

The Benefits of Flooring Styles That Look Like Wood

District Floor Depot can install beautiful, durable flooring that resembles wood at a much lower cost. You’ll also avoid the risks that come with hardwood floor ownership. 

Some of the top flooring options that resemble hardwood floors include:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring that looks like wood is an excellent choice for households with younger children. This durable synthetic material offers reliable waterproof and scratch resistance. Vinyl can also absorb sound, muffling noise from the heavy foot traffic of kids thundering around the room. Best of all, vinyl is the least expensive of all the faux wood materials, which is a crucial consideration for families on a tight budget. 
  • Laminate: Laminate is a hybrid product consisting of a particleboard base fused with an upper applique layer and topped with a clear protective coating. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including multiple faux wood options. Laminate offers reliable moisture, scratch and wear resistance, making it a solid choice for households with children and pets. 
  • Porcelain or Ceramic tile: This material commonly used for manufacturing toilets, bathtubs and sinks. Porcelain typically lasts longer than other floorings that resemble wood. Its nonporous composition offers excellent moisture resistance, making it a good choice for bathroom flooring. Porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of styles, colors and tones.

We Offer a Wide Selection Flooring Options That Resemble Wood

District Floor Depot is your headquarters for vinyl flooring that looks like wood and other high-quality, attractive faux wood options. We also offer fast, professional installation services. Most of our flooring products come with a minimum 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, and we also provide a one-year craftsmanship warranty for our installs for extra protection and peace of mind. 

Contact Us to Schedule an In-Home Consultation

If you’d like to explore all your flooring options in more detail, take the next step by setting up an initial consultation. One of our professional design consultants will come to your home at your convenience and help you select the ideal material, style and finish. We’ll provide an itemized proposal that lets you know how much you’ll pay for the flooring materials and installation services before the work begins.

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