The Best Flooring Options to Use in the Laundry Room

laundry room flooring
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Your laundry room floor handles a lot of daily use. You take trips to the washer and dryer regularly, and you probably perform other tasks there, too, such as folding laundry and trying to get stains out of shirts and pants. The appliances in the room can produce heat and humidity. Sometimes they even leak, so you need a tough floor that can stand up to water exposure, too. Finding the right flooring for your laundry room can put your mind at ease in the long term. You want the flooring to provide practical benefits, such as resisting moisture and spills, as well as look attractive.

How to Find the Right Laundry Room Flooring Options

Here are four questions you should ask yourself as you consider different flooring materials:
  • Does the flooring withstand stains from spilled detergent and splatters of stain removers?
  • Is the floor easy to clean?
  • Does the flooring material fit in your budget?
  • Can the flooring resist impact from heavy foot traffic or appliances?

The Best Flooring Options to Use in Your Laundry Room

Based on the needs outlined above, we recommend two primary types of flooring for laundry rooms.


One of the best flooring options for your laundry room is tile. The sturdy surface will continue to look great despite repeated foot traffic, scrapes and water runoff that may occur from moving your washer. Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring have tough, durable finishes that keep the material from warping due to exposure to moisture. Well-engineered tile makes for solid flooring you can count on in your laundry room for years to come. Plus, tile provides one of the most attractive flooring options you can get. It enhances the appearance of your laundry room as well as the function, with many colorful, creative designs to choose from. You have lots of options for how you want the floor to look. Tile flooring is easy to clean, too. You can wipe up spills and get rid of dust bunnies with a quick sweep.  Tile is also waterproof if it has been installed correctly.

Vinyl Flooring

You can also choose from other flooring options for your laundry room. Vinyl offers many advantages for this type of space. It is sturdy and capable of bouncing back quickly from foot traffic and moving appliances. The surface is also easy to clean and simple to install if you have a sturdy subfloor. Vinyl comes in many styles and may be the least expensive type of flooring you can find. It’s entirely waterproof, too. If you have a small laundry room, you can often install a single roll of vinyl to avoid seams. You can also choose vinyl flooring that looks like wood from a distance.

Find the Flooring You Need at District Floor Depot

You can discover many flooring options for your laundry room and the rest of your home at District Floor Depot. Contact us to request a consultation to find the best flooring for your space.

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