Spring 2021 Flooring Trends

distressed wire brushed hardwood flooring
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There are countless options when it comes to picking flooring for your home, with material, color, pattern, plank size, stain, finish and other factors all contributing to the finished look. Sometimes, trendy styles are simply fads that fade out after a few years. However, the following trends have been very consistent and will likely be popular for years to come.

Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Many people choose real hardwood flooring for their homes, as it’s stylish, timeless, natural, and long-lasting.

The most popular look for flooring is wide planks. Wider planks make your space look larger! This trend has been around for years and is likely going to remain for many years to come. Reclaimed woods are also in, so planks with strong graining and more knots are gaining popularity. This trend is largely thanks to people wanting to be more environmentally friendly by using recycled wood. People also like the distressed look for a farmhouse-style home.

More and more homeowners are beginning to choose domestic woods over exotic species. Exotic hardwood is typically more expensive, and people would rather support domestic sources. Additionally, exotic woods generally have warmer colors, which have lessened in popularity.

The most consistently popular colors in wood flooring trends are the cooler hues, such as dark brown with no red undertones, light woods with no yellow and greys. Matte and satin are the top choices for finishes. Glossy finishes are difficult to maintain and show dust and scratches, so many homeowners are opting for an easier-care floor.

Popular Styles in Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Most of what applies to hardwood floors will also apply to luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring since many of these offerings are made to look like hardwood. People tend to choose LVP for its water- and stain-resistant properties.

Since reclaimed wood is so popular, many vinyl flooring styles come with a hand-scraped, wire-brushed or distressed look. However, manufacturers are simply designing the planks to have this appearance, so they lose the environmentally friendly appeal of upcycling.

While the wide-plank hardwood floor look is very popular, many buyers also like the look of patterns. Recently, some of the top trends in flooring styles include chevron and herringbone plank layouts.

As far as color, people tend to choose lighter shades such as grey and white. High-variation wood coloring is also a leading vinyl flooring trend, with whitewashed floors gaining in popularity. This look used to be more typical of coastal areas, but people all over the country are choosing whitewashed floors for a coastal or farmhouse-style house. The light floor makes homes look brighter and bigger.

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