Should You Refinish or Replace Your Home’s Hardwood Flooring? – Part 1

hardwood floor replacement
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Investing in hardwood floors for your home can be a big step. They provide a classic, traditional, and timeless feel, and are often the preferred option for new and experienced homeowners alike. They also come at a higher cost than non-traditional flooring options like vinyl or laminate. Because the investment is higher for hardwoods than for other less traditional options, it’s essential to care for your flooring to maximize that cost and protect the overall product.

  • Regularly using a microfiber cloth to dust your floors
  • Mopping them with a hardwood-specific cleaning product once per month
  • Polishing them with proper polishing products once every two or three months
  • Using window coverings to minimize harmful heat and UV damage
  • Refraining from wearing high heels or other scratchy footwear
  • Keeping pet nails trimmed
  • Adding pads to the bottoms of your furniture items

Even with proper care, hardwood floors occasionally need refinishing to keep their luster. Here are some tips that will help you decide when to refinish your hardwoods, and a few indicators that it might be time to replace the boards you love so much.

Should You Refinish or Replace Your Home’s Hardwood Flooring? - Part 1 1
Interior of a home with refinished hardwood floors.

When to Refinish Your Hardwoods

People select hardwood flooring for several reasons, not least of which is the strength and durability the option provides. Hardwoods that are appropriately cared for offer a high-quality look, easy cleaning, better acoustics, and better indoor air quality, in addition to easy installation and ageless design characteristics. Normal wear and tear can make them look a little more lived on than some homeowners would like, however. Lucky for them, they have the option to refinish the floors and renew that fresh, clean look.

Here are a few indicators that it might be time to refinish your hardwood floors:

    • Scratches from table legs, pet nails, high-heeled shoes, sports cleats, and other scratchy items
    • Food, wine, paint and other stains that have not come out with proper cleaning
    • Color fading due to sun or heat damage
    • You’re planning a remodel and would like a deeper or lighter color

Before you decide it’s time to refinish, take a few simple steps to ensure refinishing is necessary. Go through your normal cleaning process, dusting the floors with microfiber, mopping with hardwood cleaner, and polishing them with proper hardwood polishing products. If the scratches, fading, and general lack of luster remain, it’s likely time to touch up your floors.

Ask Questions Before Undertaking Any Major Home Remodel

Professionals are there for a reason, and that’s to be your sounding board before you embark on an expensive project you may not even need to compete. If you think your home might be a good candidate for hardwood refinishing, call 703-321-8522 to speak with a Floors Depot representative about your project’s needs.

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