Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With Renewable Flooring

bamboo flooring
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If you’re installing new flooring in your home, renewable floors are a great option. Although hardwood flooring is sustainable and popular, it’s less environmentally friendly than renewable flooring.

Trees planted to replace those harvested for hardwood flooring can take up to 70 years to grow, while trees for eco-friendly flooring may only take five years to grow back. Since the materials for renewable flooring regenerate faster, they are substantially more sustainable and better for the environment.

What Flooring Is the Most Eco-Friendly?

Renewable floors are becoming more popular, so you can pick from various renewable hardwood floor options to find the right choice for your home.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are one of the most popular flooring options that are good for the environment. Because bamboo plants do not require machines or unearthing the plant for harvesting, they’re incredibly eco-friendly. Not to mention, bamboo plants grow quickly, so producing this flooring is easy.

Besides the environmental benefits of bamboo flooring, this material is also cost-effective and durable. In fact, most manufacturers offer a five-year warranty on their bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is low-maintenance and moisture-resistant, so it resists cracks and damage that could shorten its lifespan.

Cork Flooring

Cork is another unique and environmentally friendly flooring option that comes with multiple benefits. In terms of sustainability, cork is an entirely natural material, and the manufacturing process generates almost no waste.

This renewable flooring option is also incredibly durable. Cork naturally resists mildew, mold, termites and cracks. If your cork floors become dented, they’ll return to their former undamaged state. This quality means that they maintain their appearance without additional upkeep. Cork floors can last up to 40 years without damage. Besides its durable nature, cork also resists fire and high temperatures.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is the most eco-friendly flooring option available. Using unwanted materials prevents them from contributing to waste in landfills. These materials can include wooden components of old houses, logs or warehouses.

Since manufacturers make reclaimed wood flooring from existing materials without planting new trees or plants, it is an exceptionally sustainable option. Beyond being good for the environment, this flooring option also creates a distinct style unique to your home.

Trust District Floor Depot for Your Environmentally Friendly Flooring

At District Floor Depot, we have several renewable flooring options, so your flooring upgrade can benefit your interior style and the environment. Our team is professional and friendly, providing you with a five-star customer service experience and an easy installation process.

Our installers have experience and training, so we can handle the entire installation process after you’ve decided on the best eco-friendly flooring for your home. To find the right renewable flooring for you, request an in-home estimate with our team today!

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