Designing A Herndon, VA Home for Spring

Spring color paintbrush
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Today is the first official day of spring, and the world is going through trying times in regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Now more than ever neighborhoods and business owners need to come together and support one another. So we hope this blog post brightens up your day and inspires you to Pinterest your home design ideas while stuck inside.   

It is important to keep our local economies alive and shop local.

We are welcoming the spring with a brand new Hardwood Floor Discounters Store in Herndon, VA! The dogwoods are beginning to bloom, and we are also offering an 18 Months 0% APR Spring Finance Special.

But what is even more special is the amazing home transformations that our team gets to be a part of. We are grateful for environmentally friendly flooring and most of all, being welcomed to Northern, VA family!

As we were exploring the neighborhood, we thought “ What would a tree be without its Cherry Blossoms?” Well, the same goes for a home, “What would beautiful hardwood floors be without a keen eye to bring the whole room together?”

That’s why we’d like to feature two incredible Interior Designs in Herndon, VA and thank them for welcoming us to the neighborhood. 

Elan Design LLC

Designing A Herndon, VA Home for Spring 1

Elan Design is a professional, award-winning full service, luxury Interior Design Firm in the Reston, VA area, it was officially established in July 2016. The owner, Eryn Oruncak caught our eye when we saw her incredible abstract art which flows through her design ideas, and creative process.  

Her poetic style captures the essence of her clients and works to design beautiful spaces to suit their lifestyle. 

Eryn is constantly incorporating fresh ways of using both high and low end, traditional and current, existing and new pieces, each space is articulated with all of the components in sync.

What inspired Elan Design?

Eryn saw how much of an effect the style of a home can make in one’s life, and she knew she had to use her gift and share it with others. 

Her ability to create calm, relaxing, and useful spaces for her clients helps them live their best lives. “I love that I can bring this happiness to people,” Eryn said when we interviewed her.

And we love that Elan Design moved to Reston in 2011 and started designing professionally in February 2014. Next time you decide to install hardwood floors check out Eryn’s incredible artwork and pair your home improvement project with local design.

Anna K. Gibson Design Studio

Designing A Herndon, VA Home for Spring 2

AKG Design Studio is a luxury design firm in Northern, VA that specializes in kitchen and bathroom design. We were so excited when they welcomed us to the neighborhood because their designs are incredible! 

AKG Design Studio has been servicing the DC Metro area for 15 years, and the design studio caught our eye when we saw their creative functional, distinctive, and timeless kitchens and bathrooms. 

What Inspired Anna?

Anna Gibson grew up as a hard hat kid. Her dad is a civil engineer and his projects are mostly large commercial scales such as hotels and museums. So as a child she would spend her weekends exploring the jungles of the job site. The process amazing and dazzled her,  and so she began curiously chasing her dad around his builder’s expos- what a childhood!

Today, AKG’s mission has bloomed to create functional, distinctive, and timeless kitchens and bathrooms that reflect and enhance the client’s personality and lifestyle. AKG Design Studio brings years of experience to the table to provide customers with fresh and new ideas while solving their space and functionality issues. 

Our Mission in Herndon, VA

Designing A Herndon, VA Home for Spring 3

As we open our newest shop this spring, our mission is to change the Hardwood floor industry by creating relationships with other local businesses and strengthening the economy. 

Installing hardwood floors takes a keen eye, disciplined focus, and a team of people who truly love what they do, and who they do it for. 

What inspired District Floor Depot? 

We love pursuing this passion while offering our customers a unique experience, and we could not have accomplished this without having a dedicated team of professionals. 

We proudly leverage our real-world contracting background to help people make the best flooring decision they can, and we are ready to make a statement in Northern, VA

Professional Flooring and Installation

If you are ready to spring into action and install new flooring in your home, look no further than our newest location in Herndon, VA! Our services include installation, refinishing, and repair. We also have a large selection of Flooring from four distinct hardwood products you won’t find anywhere else.

We Offer:

  • Traditional Hardwood 
  • Distressed Hardwood
  • Luxury Resilience Vinyl 
  • Reclaimed Hardwood
  • Renewable Flooring 
  • Exotic Flooring 

Feel free to browse our exclusive flooring products which we handpick from Patriot Plank, Resilient LVT & WPC Flooring Products, Xylone Plank Hardwood Floors, and Tara Planks Engineered Hardwood Floors. 

And afterward, take a deep dive into the beautiful artwork and aesthetics that Elon Design has to offer to compliment your newly installed flooring. 

If you are looking for a complete rehaul this year, Anna Gibson’s Design Studio is right around the corner with functional solutions that will surpass your expectations in every way. 

Thank You For Welcoming Us to the Herndon Neighborhood

Before we go, we would like to thank the two local businesses that welcomed us to the neighborhood once again. It was inspiring to hear their stories and to see the creativity that goes into every decision they make. 

We look forward to building new relationships in the area, and if you ask us about home design we’ll definitely point you in the right direction. 

So go check out, Anna’s solutions if you are interested in redoing your bathroom or kitchen because AKG’s portfolio is stunning.

And when you’re finished go fall in love with Elan Designs tasteful abstract artwork, and imaginative solutions. 

Happy Spring!

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