Matching Wood Floors to Wood Cabinets and Furniture

hardwood floors from District Floor Depot
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You may already have other wooden elements nearby when you get hardwood floors in your kitchen, including wooden cabinets. How can you ensure that your floors complement the existing wood in your home? You want something that looks sophisticated but won’t contrast poorly with your cabinets. Follow these tips to find the best colors to match hardwood floors. 

1. Don’t Pick the Exact Same Shade

While some people assume that all the wood in a room needs to match, you’re often better off finding tones and hues that contrast or complement each other. If you match the colors too closely, they can run together. It may look like the cabinets and the floor are all one big mass. 

Light and dark woods look fantastic together. You could also consider painting your cabinets if you want them really different from the wood floor. 

You should worry less about matching wood floors with the furniture. Your furniture may change, so it’s more important to focus on flooring, which will not. 

2. Find Neutral Hardwood Floor Colors

Selecting a neutral color may eliminate many of your worries about having wood-on-wood cabinets or furniture. A straight grain pattern with a color somewhere between light and dark is a safe choice in almost any space. The less a hue stands out, the better it will blend in. While everyone has different preferences, neutral makes an excellent option as you navigate how to match cabinets with hardwood floors if you prefer a more traditional style.

3. Get Samples Ahead of Time

Sometimes the best way to determine if something works for you is to try it out. Ask for floor samples that you can bring to your home and place next to your wooden cabinets. Lighting and shadows can make pictures inaccurate, so this approach will help you get the most accurate idea of how the colors will truly look in your space. Study the samples in the morning and at night, as lighting may change your opinion. 

Check out Our Quality Wood Floor Options 

District Floor Depot can help you pick out wood floor options that won’t clash with your cabinets and other wood furniture. We can advise you on what styles complement each other. Contact our team to get started today. 

quality wood floors from District Floor Depot

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