Is It a Solid Or An Engineered Wood? – Part 2

District floor depot hardwood floors and stairs

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Today’s engineered floors are manufactured a number of different ways offering homeowners a gap free, wide width, long length, product selection that allows all the natural beauty of wood to add warmth and style to their homes.

District floor depot hardwood stairs

Gone are the days of de-laminating panels, checking or splitting veneers, and warped planks.  Today’s engineered floors can be refinished and in many cases completely re-sanded.  They can be installed in almost any situation.  They can be floated over exceptionally high sound deadening materials or even other floors.  Today’s Engineered floors are manufactured in a number of different ways all of which improve the look, stability and durability as well as affording the feature of refinish-ability.

Another great advantage to engineered is it’s frugal use of highly prized woods.  Exotics, high grades, wide widths all require a truly special tree.  Too many times getting to these trees, removing them from the forest and transporting them can have damaging effects on the environment.  By veneering, or sawing the wood into thinner layers and using them as the top layers of the flooring increases the yield by up to 70%.  The bottom layers often are comprised of lower grades and species that are otherwise not used for anything and might be discarded.  All in all an engineered floor should be considered a feel good product.

District floor depot hardwood floors

With today’s advances in construction materials and techniques as well as demands for fashionable looks requiring wider widths, engineered hardwood floors offers the solution.  As innovation comes to the building and remodeling industry, engineered construction will allow of the continued beauty of hardwood flooring to warm our homes. Today’s engineered hardwood floors provide versatility, durability, beauty and value.  Isn’t that want your really looking for?

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