How to Pick the Best Flooring for a Restaurant

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The floor you choose for your restaurant becomes the foundation that you base your interior design on. You want to install floors that capture a certain aesthetic while also being safe, reliable and functional. When going through your flooring options, it’s important to consider the requirements restaurants need to follow.

Fortunately, there are many flooring choices that work well for restaurants, and you can choose one material or select a combination of options to use throughout the building. Here are some tips and tricks on picking the best flooring for your restaurant.

Tips for Choosing Your Restaurant’s Flooring

There are many factors you need to consider before deciding which floors to install in your restaurant. Many restaurants prefer floors that are durable, easy to maintain, hygienic and slip-resistant. Here are three of the best types of floors for restaurants and tips for deciding which one fits your needs.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl or laminate flooring is durable, budget-friendly, easy to maintain and waterproof. It can withstand the high levels of foot traffic common to restaurants and provide a long-lasting addition to any area.

Luxury vinyl has many stylish options to fit any eatery’s aesthetic. You can decide on the color of your floor by seeing how different choices would work with the wall colors. Light wall colors and light floors can make the space appear larger while choosing a darker floor to go with a light-colored wall provides an interesting contrast.


Choosing tile for your floors offers an endless array of styles and textures you can use to complement the rest of your restaurant. Tile is a durable flooring option that resists water damage and requires little maintenance. You could put tile throughout the entire restaurant or keep it in the kitchen for easy cleanup. You need to do your homework for slip resistance rating of the tiles. Restaurant will have oil and water that could cause slippery surface. Not all tile may be safe for kitchen area or dining area of the restaurant. 


If you’re looking for a classic flooring selection, hardwood is the premium choice. Its durable and timeless qualities can add a sophisticated charm to your restaurant. You can choose between light and dark colors that help make your interior design stand out. Hardwood is an excellent option if you want to make your dining room exude elegance. Choosing distressed hardwood surfaces instead of smooth has its pros and cons. Scratch and dent can occur on all types of hardwood. Scraped or brushed distressing can help mask these damages. At the same time distressed surface can be harder to clean.

Upgrade Your Restaurant With District Floor Depot

Restaurant owners need to consider many qualities when deciding on the perfect floor type to install. The professionals at District Floor Depot can help you determine which flooring fits your restaurant’s needs and style. Schedule a consultation today to see how our flooring samples look in your space!

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