How Long Does Hardwood Flooring Last?

how long does hardwood flooring last
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The life span of hardwood floors varies depending on several factors, including what type of wood the floor is made of, what the floor is used for and how the floor is maintained. Proper hardwood floor care can extend the life of your flooring. Here’s what you need to know.

How Many Years Will Hardwood Floors Last?

There is no single answer to this question. Solid hardwood floors can last for up to a century, while engineered hardwood floors last about half that time. No matter what type of wood floor you have, there’s a good chance it can last most of your lifetime. But you will also find variances based on other factors, such as the:
  • Type of wood: Solid hardwood will generally last longer than newer types of engineered flooring. However, some more recent flooring also has advantages that make it a better choice — engineered hardwood, for instance, has a shorter life span but is engineered to provide outstanding stability, making it safer.
  • Use of the floor: The more a floor gets stepped on, the shorter it will last. Flooring in a hallway where people enter will have a shorter life span than flooring in an upstairs guest bedroom used a few times a year.
  • Type of foot traffic: When people take off their shoes inside the house, they cause less impact on the floor every time they walk on it. But if they wear high heels or heavy boots, they put more impact on the floor, which can reduce its life span.

How to Extend the Lifetime of Hardwood Floors

You can clean and maintain your hardwood floors in a manner that extends their life span. Sometimes refinishing the wood is all it takes to give your flooring a new look. Other ways to protect your floors include:
  • Cleaning them regularly to avoid the buildup of dirt or dust.
  • Ensuring pets don’t scratch or chew the flooring.
  • Putting padding underneath furniture and moving it carefully to avoid scratching the floor.
  • Cleaning up spills quickly so liquid doesn’t sit on the floor.
Getting your floor installed by a professional also lengthens its life span. They know the most effective techniques to do the job right.

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