How Contemporary Do You Want Your Flooring to Be?

contemporary hardwood flooring
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Everyone has a different style when it comes to decor. Some people want their houses to look like they could be featured in a modern magazine, while others prefer a more traditional appearance with a hint of contemporary style here and there. No matter where you fall on that scale, you can find the flooring that fits your needs at District Floor Depot.

We have different styles of contemporary hardwood floors that can complement your existing decor or act as a foundation for an overhaul of your style. Whether you’re renovating your whole home or just want new flooring, you can discover the best option using our guide to contemporary hardwood flooring styles.

How Contemporary Should Your Flooring Be?

The answer depends on your personal preferences. There is no right or wrong when it comes to style, so you should examine different types of flooring and determine what appeals to you the most. Contemporary hardwood floors can look more or less modern depending on the type of wood and other factors.

What does contemporary style mean? Some of the characteristics associated with contemporary design include:

  • Minimalism.
  • Neutral colors.
  • A mixture of textures.

The Best Contemporary Flooring Options

Here are four options for flooring that range from moderately contemporary to very modern:

  • Luxury vinyl: If you’re trying to create a space with elements of modern and traditional style, you can’t beat luxury vinyl. It looks like high-end ceramic tile or rare hardwood minus the high price tag. You can use this type of flooring in any room, and its clean, neat lines add a modern edge you may not have expected. It also contrasts nicely with contemporary appliances.
  • Exotic hardwood: Exotic hardwood features tropical species with distinctive grains that add a beautiful, smooth surface to a home’s floor. It appears new but also has a bit of classic style because of the surface of the wood, which looks more like the traditional flooring you’d find in an older home. This type of wood balances many elements of modern design, including the minimalistic, uncomplicated, attractive characteristics of a contemporary build.
  • Renewable flooring: Renewable flooring is made from modern sources like bamboo and cork. These renewable options feature a variety of textured surfaces, giving them a contemporary look. A silk throw pillow or the metallic accents often found in modern homes will look exceptional next to renewable flooring.
  • Traditional hardwood: Traditional hardwood is one of the most popular modern flooring styles available on the market. Sleek, polished and sophisticated, traditional hardwood gleams next to neutral colors while giving them a chance to shine. The understated elegance of traditional hardwood also offsets the mixture of textures in a modern home. If you have leather couches or steel and glass tables, they can create striking images on traditional hardwood.

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