Heated Bathroom Floors: The Luxury You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Heated floors are an increasingly popular trend in bathroom spaces. Comfortably heated flooring lets you step out of a shower and onto warm floors instead of freezing tile, keeping you cozy and comfortable. Underfloor heating can also increase the value of your home.

How To Get Heated Floors in Your Bathroom

Heated tile floor installation consists of placing heating mats that contain wiring or heating cables under your flooring surface. The cables or mats connect to a thermostat so you can program and adjust your ideal temperature. As electricity flows under your floor, the entire surface of your floor becomes warm.

There are plenty of benefits to heated bathroom floor tiles, including:

  • Transforming your bathroom into a luxurious spa.
  • Replacing regular heating options in smaller spaces.
  • Ensuring your whole bathroom feels warm and cozy.
  • Making your feet toasty warm to help relax your whole body.
  • Taking up less room because tiles hide under the flooring surface.

If you want underfloor heating, you’ll need to contact a company specializing in heated tile floor installation. Depending on your bathroom, you may be able to easily access the area under your bathroom or you might have to pull up your flooring and resurface, which is an opportunity to get beautiful new floors.

The Right Flooring for Radiant Heating

You may also need to resurface your bathroom floors if you’re installing radiant underfloor heating. Not all flooring surfaces are ideally suited to radiant heat. You must have floors made from a material that can handle temperature changes and heat without warping or cracking.

Tile floors are a popular option for radiant heating, as are some types of high-quality vinyl or linoleum. Stone floors are also an option for bathrooms where you’d like radiant heat to transform your space.

If you’d like to look at specific floors engineered to handle underfloor heating, contact District Floor Depot or drop by one of our showrooms to look at specific samples. Our flooring professionals can discuss your floor heating project and recommend beautiful flooring for your bathroom that’ll work with your new heating system. We’ve helped contractors and homeowners select many floors designed to work with radiant heat.

Want to enjoy the comfort of warm floors first thing in the morning or right out of the shower? Contact District Floor Depot today for help with your heated floor project. We can provide suggestions for flooring and an estimate today!

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