Which Hardwood Floors Add the Most Value to your Home: Part 1 – Domestic Species

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Hardwood floors add a beautiful aesthetic to any home, and if you are looking to update your home, there is no doubt that hardwood floor installation has crossed your mind. However, there is no simple solution when it comes to choosing the right type of wood. There are so many species and varieties of hardwood to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming.

In this article, we are going to go over two popular domestic hardwood species, how these woods can add the most value to your home, and why they are preferred among the various types of domestic hardwoods available.

Oak Hardwood Floors

Oak floors can be installed quickly and efficiently by your local hardwood flooring specialist and have been commonly used for many years.

    • Low cost: $3/ square foot
    • High cost: $7/ square foot

Oak floors are going to give you one the best returns on investment. When Installing oak in any home, you can feel confident about the lifetime value of your floors. Whether you choose red or white oak flooring, this wood species will provide a sturdy foundation that will last for generations to come. The best thing about oak hardwood floors is that you can continue to sand and refinish your floors down the road and they look new again after years of wear and tear. They are easy to upkeep and last a long time.

Homeowners have chosen oak floors to enhance their homes throughout history; the wood renders a distinct and dramatic look. Oak floors are also great because they are easily stained to match any pre-existing floors in your home. They come in a wide variety of finishes tailored to your style and preference. Oak is a popular choice among homeowners because it is an affordable and beautiful wood species. This domestic species is sure to provide value to any home because of its durability, and long-lasting beauty.

Maple Flooring in Your Home

If you are looking to be environmentally friendly, the maple wood installation process is for you. Thin strips of maple are overlaid atop of surface wood for a beautiful finish.

    • Unstained average cost: $7 / square foot
    • Stained average cost: $10 / square foot

Maple hardwood flooring is a popular choice especially when it comes to modern home decor. It has a reputation of being able to brighten and open up any space in your home. The maple wood species has a faint grain pattern that accommodates bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces within your home. When choosing a maple wood species, you want to make sure you use the same finish throughout your home, this way you create fluidity throughout. Maple wood consists of small pores making it harder to match to exact colors or stains later on if you choose to update other rooms in the home.

Because Maple wood is less porous than other hardwood floors, it is very durable. You can be sure that your maple floors stay scratch and stain resistant for many years. This feature is desirable among homeowners that see a lot of traffic in and out of their doors. Maple floors are affordable and durable. Their modern aesthetic caters to an open floor plan that will spruce up your home and increase the value for a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Floor

Oak and Maple flooring are some of the best choices because they will last you a long time, and they add a beautiful look that brings any home together. Whether you are looking to spruce up your home before a sale, or watch it shine over the years, these two domestic species are great options. Selecting the right floors for your home can be difficult, but you should be excited about all the options available! In the next article, Which Hardwood Floors Add the Most Value to your Home: Part 2 – Exotic Species, we are going to explore two exotic wood species that will add value to your home.

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