Which Hardwood Floors Add the Most Value to your Home: Part 2 – Exotic Species

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Part one of this article went over two domestic hardwood floor species that add value to your home. Now we are going to go over two beautiful, exotic species of wood that will increase the value of your home due to their unique aesthetics and lasting quality.

Brazilian Cherry in Your Home

Brazilian Cherry wood is a bit difficult to install. We do not recommend installing this product as a DIY project. Partner with a hardwood flooring specialist to prevent scratches and dents on your new floors.

    • Low estimate: $5 / square foot
    • High estimate:$9 / square foot

Brazilian cherry doesn’t get its name from the cherry tree. It gets its name from its dark exotic color hues. The wood is derived from the Jatoba tree which is grown throughout Central and South America. This exotic wood floor will increase the value of your home due to its extremely durable qualities which make it resistant to rotting over the years. Brazilian cherry is also termite and pest resistant, which is a plus for any homeowner.

Brazilian Cherry wood’s extreme hardness does, however, make it more susceptible to wear and tear over the years. So make sure to use rugs and mats by your doorways to reduce scratches from dust and dirt. This hardwood floor choice is an affordable option that can come finished or unfinished. For those homeowners pursuing a luxurious in-depth look in the home, this exotic species is a beautiful and affordable choice that is sure to have people mesmerized.

Ash Hardwood Flooring

Which Hardwood Floors Add the Most Value to your Home: Part 2 - Exotic Species 2

Ashwood is installed through tongue and groove. This practice prevents future gaps in your flooring by tightly fitting each board together.

    • Low estimate: $7/ square foot
    • High estimate: $18/ square foot

The best thing about Ashwood is that it comes in many stains and patterns. So when choosing Ashwood, you can cater the tone and style to your personal choice. Ashwood can come from Asia, northern sections of Europe, as well as North America. Ash flooring is thick and goes through periods of expansion and contraction over the years. This feature will give your home a natural look with a variety of grain patterns. This rustic floor display has become very popular among modern homes across America.

The rustic hardwood floors are also popular due to their durability over the years. Because the wood is very porous, it absorbs any stain and can easily be re stained and refinished over the years for upkeep purposes. The durable and natural qualities of Ashwood will add a unique quality and value to your home; this species will hold up no matter the traction or season.

The Right Hardwood Floor for your Home

Whether you chose domestic or exotic hardwood flooring make sure you get an aesthetically pleasing and durable species for your home. Ask a hardwood flooring specialist if you have more questions about your next steps in increasing the value of your home today.

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