Different Styles of Wood Floor Patterns

hardwood floor patterns
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Hardwood is an elegant and durable flooring option for many rooms in your home, and it can be installed in different ways to give a room a distinct style. With the right hardwood flooring pattern, these styles can be the most unique aspect of each space. Installation patterns change the entire look and feel of your home — many times, they even create the illusion of a bigger room! When it comes to hardwood, it’s more about what you do with it than what it looks like alone. At District Floor Depot, we can create a wide range of beautiful hardwood flooring patterns. Add texture, curiosity, and life to any room with your favorite installation style.


Also known as a horizontal design, straight installation patterns are a timeless classic. Perhaps the most common wood pattern, this design lays horizontal planks parallel across the room. These linear hardwood floor patterns are simple and elegant, and they make your room appear more spacious. If you’re interested in floating floors, a horizontal pattern may be best for you.


Mixed-width hardwood floors are a unique conversation starter. Affectionately known as a random pattern, this installation design arranges parallel boards with different widths. The differing shapes and sizes create movement and dimension alongside your preferred wood grain. Enjoy a modern take on horizontal installation with the mixed-width pattern!


Diagonal hardwood flooring patterns are similar to straight patterns — simply rotated 45 degrees! The wood planks run parallel to each other and diagonal to the wall to create a deeper feel. The angled approach draws people in and adds a bit of luxury. Some homeowners choose diagonal installation to make small spaces feel bigger.

Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

Even size planks are installed in patterns to a repetitive geometric design. With a herringbone installation pattern, you’ll see interlocking planks in an arrow shape. Not to be confused with the chevron pattern (which lays at a 45-degree angle), the herringbone style uses 90-degree angles to create overlapping dimensions. Both visually create arrow-type elegance often seen in a historic European castle.

Parquet Patterns

Detailed handcrafted wood floors are assembled in a beloved mid-century modern style. Also known as square basket patterns and uses small planks to create alternating square blocks. The result is reminiscent of basket-weaving, making this style popular for light wood grains. In more creative and larger squares, sometimes different species can be assembled in the art form of wood flooring. Homeowners love parquet hardwood floors for their timeless style and texture.

Install Your Dream Floors With District Floor Depot

parquet wood floorsHardwood flooring takes on many forms, and the installation pattern is one of the most important considerations. Each style can have a different effect on your room’s appearance. Our design specialists will help you put together your ideal hardwood floors with in-home shopping and professional installation. Bring your vision to life with our one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs! Request a consultation from District Floor Depot to get started.

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