Step-by-Step Hardwood Floor Cleaning Guide

hardwood floor cleaning
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Are you struggling to clean hardwood floors?

We recently wrote a comprehensive hardwood cleaning & care guide which talks about which chemicals to avoid, humidity control, and more. We’ve put together this quick summary to lay out a step-by-step cleaning guide for new hardwood floor owners. Hardwood floors are beautiful to look at, add value to your home and are overall easy to maintain. Carpet can hold onto stains and show signs of wear, but hardwood floors keep their natural beauty for years. The key to making your floors last is by cleaning them properly and doing routine maintenance.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

If you treat your hardwood floors well, they’ll repay you by adding value to your home or apartment and looking great for years to come. Here are five tips to help you clean hardwood floors and keep them looking great for years to come:

1. Determine what type of floors you have

Step-by-Step Hardwood Floor Cleaning Guide 4

Do you have real hardwood or laminate floors? Are they sealed or coated? All of these things are important to figure out before you attempt to deep clean your floors. Certain products won’t mix well with floors that are treated, or you may have to take extra care with your floors, depending on which type you have.

2. Use Recommended Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning your hardwood floors, always to stick the recommendations of the professionals. Your specific type and brand of hardwood should have a recommended type of cleaner to go along with it. Do research or contact your floor installer to find the cleaner and cleaning method that works best for your unique floors. If you’re not sure what type of floors you have, stick to a simple mixture of vinegar and water to clean them. Harsh soaps can damage your floors, so it’s best to stick with something more gentle and natural.

3. Vacuum or Sweep Daily

Step-by-Step Hardwood Floor Cleaning Guide 5

Dirt and dust will show up much quicker on hardwood floors, so try vacuuming or sweeping high-traffic areas daily or every other day for best results. One tip is to keep rugs around your hardwood floors to help collect dust, and asking guests to remove their shoes to prevent scratches and excess dirt from ruining your floors.

4. Use Minimal Water

Step-by-Step Hardwood Floor Cleaning Guide 6

Water can ruin any type of wood around your home, so it’s best to use minimal water whenever your cleaning hardwood floors. If you have pre-finished floors, you’ll also want to avoid using any products that contain wax or oil as it can make your floors look dull, cloudy or waxy.

5. Do Routine Maintenance

Conducting routine maintenance on your floors is key to helping them last. For example, if you notice a scratch from furniture, pets or shoes repair the scratch immediately. This can easily be done with a little bit of water and baking soda. Simply put some baking soda on a damp (not soaking) sponge and buff away the damage.

Install Beautiful Hardwood Floors Today

District floor depot hardwood floors

The benefits of rich, beautiful wood floors certainly outweigh any cons of maintaining clean hardwood floors. If you don’t already have hardwood floors because you’re worried about the price, contact us at District Floor Depot today. We specialize in installing beautiful hardwood floors that won’t wipe out your savings account. Browse our completed projects or check out our blog for design tips and inspiration.

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