Best Time of Year to Install New Flooring

hardwood flooring
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If you’ve been considering new flooring, you may wonder if there’s a prime time of year to buy and install it. The answer is yes for several reasons, including the environmental factors that affect flooring installation — working in specific ranges for humidity levels and temperatures can help ensure a safe and proper installation. 

The best time of the year to install floors is during the fall. The humidity levels and temperatures become moderate as the heat of summer leaves and the coolness of winter moves in.

While it may seem like installing flooring during the colder months is wise due to the lack of humidity, you should not install flooring in winter. Moisture is a vital part of keeping hardwood planks in beautiful condition. Winter is the driest time of the year, which can pose complications for installing hardwood floors. The hardwood planks can dry out and become cracked or distorted, which can lead to damage you’ll have to repair later. 

Thanks to its adequate moisture and moderate temperatures, fall is easily the best time of year to install new hardwood floors.

Tips for Installing Floors During the Fall

Now that you know why autumn is the best time to install new flooring, here are a few tips and tricks for the installation process:

1. Acclimate the Wood

Wood expands and contracts based on the humidity levels in an area, which is why the moderate moisture of fall compared to the other seasons makes it the best time to install a hardwood floor. Before starting the installation process, you will want to acclimate the wood planks to the humidity in your home. Make sure you have the floor pieces stored indoors with the packaging open for at least five days before installing them so the planks can adjust to your home’s conditions.

2. Leave the Doors Open

The team of professionals working on your flooring installation will constantly be in and out of your home, moving materials and tools. With the great temperatures and fall weather, you can leave the doors open without worrying about overheating or getting too cold.

3. Open the Windows for Ventilation

Floor installation can involve fumes and odors that you don’t want to keep in your home. When installing floors during the fall, you can keep your windows open to provide more ventilation and fresh air.

Install New Floors With District Floor Depot

At District Floor Depot, we offer fast delivery and professional installation services so you can get your new flooring installed at the best possible time. We can help you through the entire process, from helping you choose the type of floor you want to provide installation and refinishing services. Schedule an in-home consultation today to start the journey to a new floor.

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