7 Boundless Benefits of White Oak Floors

open floor plan with large windows and white oak floors
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There’s no denying that interior decorating trends come and go. Yet, some classic touches stand the time.

White oak floors are one of them.

As today’s homeowners embrace new fads and try different decorative touches, these planks can anchor an entire space and provide a lasting foundation. 

Have you been curious about installing them in your home? If so, read on. Today, we’re sharing seven reasons why white oak flooring will never go out of style.

What is White Oak Flooring?

Whether you’re renovating an existing home or building a new one, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to floor types. From laminate to vinyl and every kind in between, your own aesthetic and style preference will dictate what you choose.

For a traditional touch, nothing beats hardwood floors, and oak floors are some of the highest quality around. 

Yet, they aren’t all the same. As you shop, you’ll find that there are two different kinds of oak floors to choose from:

  • Red oak
  • White oak

Of course, if you’re renovating, it’s best to stick to the species of oak you already have. On the other hand, if you’re working with a blank canvas, there are distinct advantages to white oak. 

Ironically darker than red oak, white oak has warm tones of yellow and brown, along with a smooth grain. Next, let’s explore some of the top benefits of this kind of flooring. 

1. It’s Durable and Long-Lasting

Have you heard of the Janka Hardness Scale? This is a measurement tool used to measure the hardness of various wood species. In short, it measures the level of force required to embed a 0.444-inch steel ball into wood at a depth measuring half of the ball’s diameter. The more force required, the higher the ranking and the harder the wood.

Red oak measures 1,290 on the Janka scale. Conversely, white oak measures 1,360. While that’s not a major difference, it reveals that of the two, white oak is slightly more durable. That means it’s able to hold up better against normal household wear and tear!

2. It’s Sleek and Modern

Maybe you prefer stark, minimalist decor. Or, perhaps your tastes lean more toward eclectic bohemian, traditional craftsman, or farmhouse chic. Either way, you want a floor that’s unfussy, allowing the rest of your design work to take center stage.

White oak floors are less grainy than most of their counterparts, with growth rings that are closer together. This gives it a sleek, uniform appearance that complements any room. 

3. It Allows Stains to Shine

One of the most popular design colors for years, gray, has long been a go-to decorating neutral. Recently, it’s even shown up on floors, with gray and whitewash stains dominating interior trends. 

White oak takes these lighter stains well and allows their beauty to shine through. While you can stain other types of hardwoods, including red oak, their undertones can skew the final product. The bareness of white oak means that you’ll see the stain as it was meant to appear.

At the same time, white oak planks are also ideal for dark stains. Because you’re already starting with a darker-toned wood, your dark walnut and Kona stains will appear even more vibrant. 

4. It’s Resistant to Spills and Stains

Closed-Grain lumber, white oak, is one type of hardwood that’s more water-resistant than others. In addition, most of its pores are clogged shut, helping to prevent decay from water damage.

They’re plugged with outgrowths called tyloses, which are created when normal sapwood is under stress. These create balloon-like projections that fill the wood’s vessels so full that they cannot conduct water. 

Thus, while your new floors might not be totally waterproof, they’ll hold up better than most against regular spills. For this reason alone, you’ll often find white oak flooring on boats, as well as on exterior door hardware.

5. It’s Budget-Friendly

At a higher price point than luxury vinyl planks, composite or laminate flooring, hardwood floors are an investment for your home. However, they do not have to send the price of your project through the roof.

As oak is one of the most abundant types of wood around, you can find significant cost savings when you go this route. While extra-wide planks will cost a bit more, when you’re comparing narrow strips of red oak and white oak, the difference in price point is minimal.

6. It’s Full of Character

Turn on any interior or exterior design show on television, and you’ll find that rustic charm is all the rage. From cabins to mansions, homeowners are looking for ways to inject primitive touches into all kinds of properties. 

Instead of spinning your wheels trying to achieve a faux-distressed effect, why not install white oak floors and create the real thing?

Due to their tone and composition, oak floors are naturally more rustic-looking than other hardwood varieties. You’re more likely to see knots, veins, and imperfections on these planks, making them the perfect addition to your space.

7. It Can Make Your Room Look Bigger

While white oak is full of character, it’s grain is still clean. Not only does this help it fit in well with contemporary decor, but in the right setting, it can also help expand the look of your room.


The sap line in white oak tends to be linear and long, drawing the eye along the entirety of the plank. Depending on how you lay your planks, this can help make your rooms look longer, wider, or both! If you’re looking for flooring that won’t overwhelm a small space, this is it.

Shop Our Selection of White Oak Floors

Now that you know a few of the top benefits that white oak floors can provide, are you ready to go shopping?

If so, we’d love to be your first stop.

We carry a wide selection of discount hardwoods designed to meet any need, budget, or design preference. Request a consultation today to arrange a visit with one of our professionals. We’ll help you find the exact flooring you need, every time.

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