Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons
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Are you planning on having new flooring installed in your home soon? You’re going to have plenty of flooring options to choose from.

Whether you want to go with traditional hardwood flooring, luxury resilience flooring, or distressed flooring, there is no shortage of different types of flooring. You’re welcome to select whichever flooring you want based on the current style of your home.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons 2

One of the newest flooring options available to you is bamboo flooring. It’s starting to become a very popular choice for many homeowners in search of new floors.

Learn about the bamboo flooring pros and cons to see if it might be an option that you want to pursue. While bamboo floors aren’t for everyone, there are lots of people who have fallen in love with them in recent years.

Check out the most notable bamboo flooring pros and cons below.

Pro: Most Bamboo Flooring Is Every Bit as Durable as Traditional Hardwood Flooring

One of the biggest benefits of installing traditional hardwood flooring in your home is that it’s very durable. Once you have hardwood floors put into place in your home, you probably won’t ever have to worry about replacing them.

High-quality bamboo flooring will provide you with this same durability. It’ll be able to stand up to almost anything that you throw at it without a problem. You won’t have to be concerned about installing new floors again in the foreseeable future.

Con: It Can Be Susceptible to Scratching in Some Cases

As we mentioned, high-quality bamboo flooring is designed to deliver the durability that you need from it. But unfortunately, not all bamboo flooring is created equal.

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There are some bamboo flooring manufacturers that don’t use the best materials when putting their floors together. As a result, their floors are often susceptible to scratching.

Make sure you buy bamboo flooring through a reputable flooring company that offers high-quality floors to customers. This will ensure that you don’t end up with bamboo floors that are less durable than you need them to be.

Pro: Bamboo Flooring Is an Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

There are almost 400,000 plant species in the world today. Of all these plant species, bamboo is one of the quickest-growing plants on the planet.

This makes bamboo flooring one of the most eco-friendly flooring options on the market. The bamboo that is used to create your flooring will grow back in no time and limit the impact that your floors have on the environment.

Con: It Can Absorb Water a Little Too Easily

Do the floors in your home tend to get wet on a regular basis? Or is your home subjected to a lot of humidity throughout the year?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might find that bamboo flooring isn’t right for you. Bamboo floors can soak up water quickly when it sits on the surface of them for even a few minutes. This can do damage to bamboo flooring and make it appear discolored.

Pro: Bamboo Flooring Is Very Easy to Maintain

As long as you have bamboo flooring installed the right way in your home, it should be a cinch to keep it clean. Bamboo floors are among the easiest floors to maintain.

All you’ll need to do is sweep bamboo floors to keep them clean for the most part. And in the event that they happen to get dirty, you can make them shine again with little more than a mop and some mild soap.

Con: It Can Look Out of Place in Certain Types of Homes

You can spend as much time tending to bamboo floors as you want. But if they’re not installed in the right home, they might not ever live up to their full potential.

Generally speaking, the contemporary look and feel of bamboo floors make them look best in contemporary homes. That’s not to say you can’t find a place for them in homes with other styles. But you should be careful about installing them in a home without considering the style of it first.

Pro: Bamboo Flooring Is Known to Increase a Home’s Value

There are so many different ways homeowners can increase the value of their homes.

They can replace old windows and doors in them. They can also renovate kitchens and bathrooms.

But one of the best ways to bring your home’s value way up is by installing new flooring in it. Installing bamboo flooring, in particular, can increase your home’s value quite a bit.

Outside of looking amazing, bamboo floors also show a homeowner’s commitment to using eco-friendly products. This commitment can prove to be a great selling feature for your home later on.

Con: It Can Cost as Much as Traditional Hardwood Flooring to Install

You can’t say you considered all the bamboo flooring pros and cons if you didn’t consider the cost of it. So let’s talk about cost for a second.

The good news is that, despite all its pros, bamboo flooring is not going to cost you significantly more than traditional hardwood flooring to install. But the bad news is that you also might not save much money going with bamboo flooring over the traditional hardwood flooring.

The costs associated with bamboo flooring and traditional hardwood flooring are often comparable. It can make it difficult to decide between the two and will force you to consider the pros and cons of each more carefully before arriving at a final decision.

Weigh the Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons Before Investing in It

Do you believe that bamboo flooring might be a good fit for your home?

If you’re not sure, weigh the bamboo flooring pros and cons listed here to help you come to a conclusion. Or give us a call and let us talk to you more about the many advantages of installing bamboo floors in a home.

Contact us today to speak with someone about why you might want to install renewable flooring made out of bamboo.

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