Floor Staining Mistakes

dark hardwood floor staining
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Staining your floor is a great way to give a fresh look to your home and update a high-traffic area that may have seen better days. But while it sounds simple to do, many people using stain on hardwood floors make common mistakes that can derail the process. 

The Three Biggest Wood Floor Staining Mistakes

Avoid these three wood floor staining blunders. 

1. Not Sanding Enough

When you sand your wood floor, you strip out the imperfections and reopen the wood pores, encouraging the stain to penetrate. We see several common errors when people sand: 

  • They use the wrong type of sandpaper — a softer grit will close the wood pores instead of opening them.
  • They don’t sand enough for the stain to penetrate the wood.
  • They don’t remove the wood glue, which the stain won’t penetrate. 

2. Failing to Apply Wood Conditioner

To get the gorgeous uniform color you desire across your entire floor, you need to employ a wood conditioner that will help absorb oil-based stains. If you don’t use wood conditioner, the stain may blotch or streak. 

3. Inaccurate Sample Colors

In your home, most colors of stain won’t look exactly like the samples you see at the store. Stains can take on a different appearance depending on your wood. You can get a better idea by bringing the wood you’ll use to the store and looking at it next to the samples.

What You Need for Hardwood Floor Staining

Using the proper equipment and putting aside the right amount of time is essential to a successful floor staining project. The whole process may take up to a week, including a day for the color to dry and absorb. 

Equipment you will need to complete your floor stain includes: 

  • Sandpaper of assorted grits
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pre-stain wood conditioner
  • A belt, mouse sander or both
  • Drop cloth
  • A container to store rags in

Use a Professional to Avoid Wood Floor Refinishing Mistakes 

Staining and finishing a hardwood floor requires many steps, and applying the stain is just one of them. To get the job done right, you should call in a professional. They understand how to approach the job and finish every step properly, reducing the chance for mistakes. Contact District Floor Depot to discuss your options. 

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