5 Myths About Hardwood Flooring

herringbone pattern hardwood flooring
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Are myths about wood flooring keeping you from enjoying beautiful floors in your home? Wood floors add classic style and beauty to any space — they’re durable, functional and ideal for virtually every room.

The reality is that hardwood floors are more versatile and stronger than many people believe, and they fit in with many lifestyles. Have you been telling yourself these fables about your flooring?

1. Hardwood Floors Are Delicate

One of the most enduring hardwood flooring myths is that these floors are delicate and not an ideal solution for busy households. In reality, there are original hardwood floors in historic homes that date back hundreds of years. Hardwood lasts a long time with a little care.

2. Hardwood Is Only for Some Rooms of the House

Another myth is that hardwood flooring can only go in living rooms, but not in kitchens or high-traffic areas like hallways. Hardwood floors can stand up to heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. You may want to place a rug or mat in front of the kitchen sink to catch drips, but that’s a precaution you would likely want with any type of flooring.

3. Hardwood Flooring Needs Lots of Pampering

If you’re picturing bottles of special products and hand-cleaning your hardwood floors, you’re buying into a hardwood floor myth. Hardwood floors are very easy to clean. All you need is a gentle vacuum or a dry mop with a microfiber cloth. For spot cleaning, a damp cloth with mild soap usually gets the job done. Just make sure to dry the spot when you’re done.

4. Hardwood Floors Are Not Versatile

Hardwood floors can be used for many looks, from classic to contemporary. Choose from different plank widths, stains, paint colors, finishes, wood species and textures. You can even choose herringbone hardwood floors for added visual interest. And hardwood floors are one of the few flooring types you can completely makeover. When you need a new look, you can simply refinish your floors for a whole new look.

5. Hardwood Flooring Is Expensive

While some hardwood flooring is pricey, it doesn’t have to be. Customers are often surprised by the prices of hardwood floors at District Floor Depot because we offer mill-direct pricing.

In the long term, hardwood floors can also save you money because they can last over a century with proper care. They can also help attract more buyers to your home and boost your property value if you ever decide to sell.

Explore Your Flooring Options

There’s more to hardwood floors than meets the eye. If you’re ready to see how hardwood can transform your space, visit District Floor Depot. Talk to our knowledgeable team and schedule an in-home consultation today.

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