4 Ways To Use Leftover Scrap Flooring

hardwood flooring
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You’ve had your beautiful new hardwood floors installed, and now you’re sitting back and enjoying the look of real wood under your feet. If you’re like many homeowners, you also have a few pieces of scrap flooring leftover from your project.

Don’t toss it! There are some good ways to reuse scrap flooring for creative projects and to transform your space even further.

How Can You Reuse Scrap Flooring?

If you’re wondering how to reuse your leftover scrap flooring, here are a few ideas you might want to try.

1. Create Rustic Tabletops

If you have an old coffee table or kitchen table that’s seen better days, cover the top with hardwood floor planks and refinish for a rustic, country look. You can even create a coffee table by using scrap wood braces to anchor planks. Just add premade legs and paint for a fun weekend project that will look great in any room.

2. Add Your Personal Touch With Wall Signs

You can make your own wall signs easily with a few pieces of leftover wood flooring. Just take one piece of wood or combine several planks to make a surface. Use a pencil to trace the lettering you want on your sign and fill it in with black paint or ink. Apply a coat of varnish to protect your artwork.

3. Make Custom Frames

One of the simplest scrap flooring projects is to create picture frames. These can tie your room together since your photo frames will match your floors. You can even make different size picture frames so you can finally hang those larger posters or smaller photos that don’t fit premade frames.

4. Make a Doormat

If you’re ready to trade up from a cloth doormat, just cut a few planks to size and affix them to a piece of fabric or plywood. Hardwood mats look amazing and are easy to keep clean with just a broom or microfiber cloth.

Upgrade Your Home With District Floor Depot

Leftover planks from your new hardwood floors can be the start of a fun project that pushes your creativity and lets you make your home even more beautiful. Best of all, anything you make with the scrap planks will match perfectly with your new floors, bringing the whole room together.

If you’re still dreaming of the perfect hardwood floors, visit District Floor Depot today for mill-direct prices and a dazzling array of flooring choices for every room of your home. Schedule an in-home consultation today.

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