Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home Decor: 4 Things to Consider

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Is there anything that can breathe life into an old room like new flooring? Have you been talking about redoing your floors for years but are having the hardest time choosing the right material?

If you’ve been living with floors that are past their prime or simply aren’t your style, maybe it’s time to take the plunge.

Picking out new flooring is a big decision, and it’s easy to get bogged down in the decision-making process.

We’re here to help. Read on to learn how to pick out the perfect floors.


If you’re looking to install new flooring in a basement, full bathroom, or another high moisture area, you’ll want to use materials that can withstand a damp environment.

Materials such as ceramic, porcelain tile, vinyl tile, or concrete are suitable for high moisture rooms. It’s vital that this flooring is waterproof or else you could be dealing with issues like mold and mildew buildup.

Another benefit of waterproof flooring is that it’s easy to clean.

2. Consider Your Durability Needs

Do you have kids, grandkids, or pets? Is your living room frequently a madhouse or is your living space a peaceful haven?

If you expect there to be high traffic in certain areas or a lot of wear and tear from children or animals, you’ll want to consider flooring with superior wear resistance.

Flooring types like bamboo, ceramic, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate are often more durable than other types of flooring.

Relatedly, you’ll want to consider how easy it will be to clean your new flooring. If you live in a high-energy environment, it’s a good idea to consider how difficult cleaning up spills and messes will be. Finished and sealed hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, vinyl, laminate, and concrete are all easy surfaces to clean.

3. Consider Your Budget Per Square Foot

The price of flooring is determined by the square foot. This means that depending on the flooring you choose and how much square footage you’re re-flooring, the cost of putting down new flooring has a wide range.

If you’re limited by a budget, that’s okay! There are tons of great flooring options for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for something cost-effective, practical, and easy on the eyes, luxury vinyl might fit the bill. You might also be interested in renewable flooring types like cork, which is budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and stylish!

Another budget-friendly option is a distressed hardwood floor or a traditional hardwood floor. Timeless, classic, and sophisticated, it’s hard to go wrong!

On the higher end but still affordable, there are options like exotic hardwood flooring and reclaimed hardwood flooring. Both of these flooring types are gorgeous and dripping with character. If you’re looking to use your flooring to help give personality to your rooms, exotic and hardwood will both do the trick!

4. Consider the Style of Your Home

Although most of our previous considerations have been practical, it’s important to take into consideration the style and aesthetics of your home as well.

It’s, of course, important to get flooring that’s durable enough for your needs and within your budget, but a big part of what you’ll enjoy about your flooring is how it will complement and complete the room.

Are you doing a full room or home remodel? Then you could even start with your flooring as your inspiration for the rest of the room. Or, if you have an idea of what style you want for the room, that can help dictate what are the best floors for you.

Choosing hardwood flooring can be difficult because there are so many beautiful and compelling options. If you’re redoing the floor in a room that is otherwise not being remodeled, do a survey of the style of the room and what would best complement it.

Does the room or your home have a farmhouse style? Choosing distressed or reclaimed wood floors with visible grain could help accentuate the rustic feel of your space.

Is the style of your house more midcentury modern? This might dictate how to choose your hardwood floor color, with earth tones nicely complementing this sleek style.

Is your interior design inspired by art deco style, bohemian themes, industrial chic, Scandinavian minimalism, or the anything-goes nature of eclectic design? Take some time to think about how your flooring could best balance or add to your larger design scheme.

It’s also important to think about the architecture of the home itself. Do you live in a converted loft that was once a mill building or warehouse? Is your home a farmhouse from the late 1700s?

Play around with how different styles can complement and contrast the existing architectural structure. Even if you’re looking for a custom restaurant bar buildout, style matters.

Remember that your floor is an important part of the overall style of the room, so don’t get bogged down in purely pragmatic considerations. The design of your home is a reflection of your style and personality, and well-chosen flooring can create a balanced and successful aesthetic.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home Decor: 4 Things to Consider 1

Your Perfect Floors Are Waiting!

It can be difficult to know exactly how to choose wood flooring or any type of flooring for that matter. It’s easy to hem and haw over trying to pick out the perfect floors. Use the tips mentioned above to narrow down your options.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our impressive gallery of before and after flooring photos!

Is it time for you to start the journey of having brand new, beautiful floors? Give us a call to request a consultation today!

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