6 Modern Wood Flooring Styles You Need to Know for Your Remodel

modern wood floor
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modern wood floor

Interior design is one of those situations in which you think you know what you want until you get your hands dirty. You might know you want hardwood flooring, but did you know about the hundreds of options for materials, colors, patterns, and more?

As you plan your remodel, start learning about your options and deciding which modern wood floor goes best with your vision. Not sure where to start? Check out these top trends.

Popular Modern Wood Floor Styles

Choosing a hardwood floor begins with your personal style. Do you want your home to have a rustic charm? Maybe you prefer a warm, rustic vibe? Whatever your style may be, consider these popular looks.

1. Gray Hardwood

Gray has been in the home decor spotlight for a few years and it shows no signs of stopping. In addition to gray walls and gray accents, homeowners are falling in love with gray hardwood floors.

Gray hardwood can come in a variety of wood species and textures. It also comes in many shades from dark charcoal to a light, almost whitewashed gray. All these shades have a cool, relaxed tone so they’re perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, and more.

Like the gray color but want a warmer look? Try one of the newest color trends: greige. As a blend of gray and beige, greige hardwood floors have warmer undertones with a modern gray shade.

2. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed hardwood has a distinctive look but it’s thriving in today’s homes. It has a distressed style that offers character that’s unique to your home.

Reclaimed wood can complement a variety of styles, but it’s most common in homes with industrial or rustic themes.

It’s also particularly popular among people who want to keep their environmental impact to a minimum. By using reclaimed wood, you’re getting beautiful hardwood without contributing to forest destruction.

3. Black Hardwood Floors

For homeowners who want a particularly modern look, black hardwood is a popular choice. While you can choose either a matte or glossy finish, the glossy sheen is more popular in contemporary homes.

The trick for black hardwood is matching it with the right design elements. The rest of your room should have lighter colors. If it doesn’t the room will look too dark and small.

4. High Color Variation

You may have noticed in looking at wooden furniture that some wood varieties have more consistent colors than others. We’re seeing a rising trend toward hardwood floors with a more marble-like coloration and a noticeable grain.

This style appeals most to homeowners who want a natural aesthetic. Grain-heavy wood looks more like natural wood than black hardwood for instance.

5. Extreme Plank Widths

When you picture a hardwood floor, you probably picture the traditional planks that are around three inches wide. That size is falling out of favor with modern homeowners who are ready to switch things up.

It’s most common for modern homes to have wider planks. They could go as wide as six inches or even more. However, thin planks are coming into the spotlight too. Thin planks are particularly useful for homeowners who want unique patterns in their hardwood.

6. Herringbone Patterns

Speaking of unique patterns, why not branch out from the standard lengthwise hardwood pattern and go for something different? One retro pattern that’s having a major comeback is the herringbone pattern.

The herringbone pattern, which forms rows of “v” shapes, is a versatile choice. You can create the look with any wood species, any color and any size of plank.

Keep in mind, though, that a proper herringbone hardwood floor requires extensive measuring, cutting, and precise laying. While hiring an installation professional is always your best bet for a great result, it’s even more vital if you want a herringbone floor or another unconventional pattern.

7. New Takes on Textures

We’ve already discussed several options for hardwood floor colors, wood species, plank sizes, and installation patterns. On top of all those choices, you also need to consider texture in your floor.

There’s a growing trend toward a larger variety of textures. For instance, more homeowners are opting for wire-brushed and distressed wood. These textures change the overall style of the wood and give it a more unique character.

As an added bonus, textured wood floors are less slippery than floors with less texture. If you’re worried about slipping and falling on your floor or stairs, added texture can come in handy.

8. Home-Wide Consistency

Not only have certain types of hardwood become more popular, but specific ways of using them have become popular too. In particular, more homeowners are choosing to use the same hardwood throughout their entire home.

Consistent hardwood creates a more cohesive look. It makes it easier for each room of your house to look just as modern, country, or traditional as the next.

Of course, there are certain rooms where you want more warmth and comfort on your feet. Area rugs allow you to make those customized changes without investing in installing carpet. A combination of hardwood and area rugs also has a more high-end look than standard carpet.

Your Own Style From Floor to Ceiling

When it comes to remodeling your home and making it fit your style, flooring is a great place to start. It lays the foundation for your style and upgrades any home’s appearance.

If you’re ready to bring your home forward into present-day trends, these modern wood floor styles should be on your list. The key is finding a modern look that complements your personal style to make your home look authentically “you.”

Whether you know what you want or you’d like an expert’s guidance, our hardwood flooring experts can help.

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